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Wisp is a telehealth company in the United States that provides primary care and sexual health services and prescription refills for a monthly fee. The company also offers birth control and treatments for conditions such as oral and genital herpes and bacterial vaginosis (BV).

This article discusses Wisp in more detail, including the products and services that it offers and how it compares with similar companies.

Wisp is a telehealth company that provides treatments and services for people with certain conditions and symptoms, such as BV, cold sores, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

The company also offers primary care services, sexual health services, and prescription refills for a monthly fee. Wisp customers can get same-day private online consultations with healthcare professionals and receive their medications in discreet packaging.

Please note that the author has not tried this service. All information is research-based and correct at the time of publishing.

Wisp offers various products and services, including primary care services and treatments for various conditions.


Wispcare is the company’s primary care service. At the time of publishing, it costs $10 per month for unlimited online consultations or $39 for a one-time consultation.

Although a person does not need insurance to use this service, it is possible to bill prescription costs to an insurance provider.

A person must log in or create an account with Wisp to use this service. They will first need to describe their symptoms. Within 24 hours, a U.S. board certified physician will privately message the person and prescribe the recommended treatment, if any is necessary. The prescription will be available in a local pharmacy the same day.

Wispcare is available for many conditions, including:

Wispcare does not cover the following conditions or services:

If a person is currently experiencing any of these conditions or wishes to purchase birth control pills or emergency contraception, they will need to pay for prescription or nonprescription treatment through Wisp’s shop portal.

Vaginal infections

Wisp offers treatment for UTIs, yeast infections, and BV. The treatments include prescription drugs and over-the-counter products, such as probiotics and suppositories of boric acid.

Wisp offers several antibiotics for UTIs and BV, as well as antifungal medication for yeast infections. Examples of these drugs include:

These treatments start from $9 per month.

Oral and genital herpes

Wisp provides various prescription and nonprescription treatments for oral and genital herpes, including:

  • Valacyclovir (Valtrex) pills: This drug can suppress the symptoms of genital herpes and cold sores. Common side effects include headaches, nausea, and abdominal pain. Learn more about valacyclovir.
  • Acyclovir cream: This topical medication, which is only available in generic form, is suitable for use on genital or oral herpes sores. As with valacyclovir, this medication can help suppress the symptoms of herpes. Common side effects include dry or cracked lips, discoloration and swelling at the site of application, burning and stinging sensations, and dry skin. Learn more about acyclovir.
  • Lidocaine (Xylocaine) pain cream: The cream contains lidocaine, amitriptyline, and white petrolatum. Wisp recommends that people apply it to the affected area up to four times per day when experiencing flare-ups.

The cost of these treatments starts at $9 per month.

Birth control

People can get birth control pills from Wisp. They can filter the birth control options to see those that:

  • are most popular
  • have lower amounts of hormones in them
  • can reduce acne
  • may make periods lighter

Learn more about birth control pills.

Birth control pills cost from $5 per month. There is no additional cost for a consultation.

Emergency contraception

Wisp offers two different emergency contraception pills:

  • Ella: Wisp states that people should take Ella up to 5 days after having sex without an effective form of birth control, such as condoms or the pill. The company offers this prescription-only medication for same-day pickup at a local pharmacy. Learn more about Ella.
  • Plan B: Wisp states that people should take Plan B up to 3 days after having sex without an effective form of birth control. The company only sells this pill for future use and recommends that people purchase Ella if they require immediate emergency contraception. The cost of Plan B starts at $17. Learn more about Plan B.

To use Wisp, a person must first log in or create an account.

Then, they can choose their preferred medications and complete an online form. A person will have the option to pay a one-time fee of $39 for a consultation or subscribe to a $10-per-month plan.

A U.S. licensed physician will read through the person’s online form and contact them with a call or message within 24 hours. The physician will provide the person with a prescription if they think that they will benefit from a medication.

The $10 monthly fee does not cover everything. The exclusions include some medications, such as birth control pills and emergency contraception, and treatments for vaginal infections and genital and oral herpes. A person will need to pay extra for these prescriptions.

Wisp delivers the medication for free in discreet packaging, or a person can pick up the products at their local pharmacy. Some medications, such as Ella, are available for same-day pickups.

The company also offers 24-7 medical support. A person can talk with a pharmacist or another member of the medical team whenever they wish.

Before using Wisp, a person may wish to consider the pros and cons of this service.


  • Licensed physicians look at all medication requests and fill out prescriptions.
  • Wisp delivers for free using discreet packaging, or people can opt for local pharmacy pickups.
  • The company offers prescription and nonprescription treatments for a range of conditions.


  • Some medications, such as Plan B, are available for future use only, making them unsuitable for people who need a prompt prescription.
  • Wispcare does not cover the price of several medications.
  • Wisp does not currently accept insurance, which means that people may need to pay co-pays or out-of-pocket fees when picking up medication.

Wisp has a rating of 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on Trustpilot.

Customers who left positive reviews state that they liked being able to order medications and talk with a physician online without having to wait for an appointment or take time off work to go to a doctor’s office. Other customers say that the service was fast and that receiving the medication was easy and less stressful than waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

However, those who left negative reviews say that they experienced shipping delays. Some who opted for local pharmacy pickups report that the pharmacy was out of stock of their medication. Others write that they were surprised at the co-pay or out-of-pocket fees they had to pay to receive their medication.

Wispcare costs $10 per month if a person subscribes, or there is a one-off fee of $39 for a consultation. A person will need to pay extra on top of these fees for birth control pills, emergency contraception, or treatments for vaginal infections or herpes.

Additionally, people may have to pay co-pays or out-of-pocket fees to receive their medication. Wisp does not take insurance, but people can pay using a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA).

The company also offers a “wispcount” card that a person can print or save on their phone and present to a pharmacist when picking up their order. This card offers discounts and coupons on prescription medications.

First-time users get 1 month for free when they begin a subscription.

Other telehealth companies, such as Lemonaid and Nurx, offer similar services.

Lemonaid is a telehealth company that offers treatments for various conditions, such as acne, hair loss, hot flashes, and hypothyroidism. The consultation fee costs $25, but the price of medications can vary, as it depends on the individual’s insurance company.

Nurx is another telehealth company that offers birth control and treatments for conditions such as acne, migraine headaches, and oral and genital herpes. Each consultation costs $15, and the price of medication varies depending on a person’s insurance. Learn more about Nurx.

Consultation fee• $10 per month
• $39 for a one-off consultation
Products and services• Wispcare
• vaginal infection treatment
• oral and genital herpes treatment
• birth control
• emergency contraception
• mental health
• men’s health
• general health
• skin care
• women’s health
• testing
• birth control
• home test kits
• skin care
• herpes treatment
• migraine treatment
• emergency contraception
Accepts insuranceno, but accepts FSA and HSAnoyes
Delivery optionsfree shipping and local pharmacy pickupsfree shipping and local pharmacy pickupsfree shipping

People can view Wisp’s privacy policy on the website.

Wisp delivers medications in discreet packaging that does not indicate where the box comes from or what it contains. Additionally, the bottles are plain and do not include identifying information or medication names.

Below, we provide the answers to some frequently asked questions about Wisp.

Is Wisp safe to use?

Wisp offers prescription and nonprescription medication for a variety of situations and conditions at a cost that may be more affordable than some co-pays.

The company provides profiles for the U.S. licensed and board certified physicians that view a person’s medical information and fill prescriptions.

Additionally, the company offers a 24-7 help service for its subscribers to speak with pharmacists and healthcare professionals about any medication queries.

How much does Wisp cost monthly?

Wisp does not have a fixed monthly price, as this varies depending on the treatment plan an individual chooses.

Wispcare costs $10 per month, and this covers most primary care needs. However, Wispcare does not cover birth control and treatment for vaginal infections and oral and genital herpes, so a person will have to pay extra for any of these.

Does insurance cover Wisp?

Wisp does not currently accept any insurance.

However, the company accepts FSA and HSA payments, and it offers a wispcount card that people can use to get coupons and discounts on their medication.

Where is Wisp available?

Wisp is currently only available to people living in the U.S.

Wisp is a company that provides primary care, birth control, and medications for people with cold sores, genital herpes, and UTIs, among other conditions.

The company offers its subscribers 24-7 online access to pharmacists and healthcare professionals, free shipping, and local pharmacy pickups.