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Wisp is a telehealth company based in the United States that provides primary care, sexual health services, prescription refills, and discreet delivery. It also offers birth control medications and treatments for urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Wisp is a telehealth company that provides treatments and services for people with certain conditions and symptoms. These include:

People can also benefit from services such as primary care, sexual health, and prescription refills. They can get same-day private online consultations with healthcare professionals and receive their medications in discreet packaging.

Before using Wisp, a person may consider the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Licensed physicians look at all medication requests and fill out prescriptions.
  • Wisp delivers free using discreet packaging, or people can opt for local pharmacy pick-ups.
  • The company offers prescription and nonprescription treatments for a range of conditions.


  • Some medications, such as Plan B, are available for future use only, making them unsuitable for those needing prompt prescriptions.
  • Wispcare does not cover the price of several medications.
  • Wisp does not currently accept insurance for online consults or prescriptions, meaning people may need to pay co-pays or out-of-pocket fees when picking up medication.
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A person can use Wisp to purchase medications, access consultations with a physician, or subscribe to a recurring plan for prescription refills.

Prices vary depending on the service or treatment a person chooses. Wisp’s subscription plans are quarterly, so the service takes payment every 3 months.

Whether someone chooses a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription plan, a United States licensed physician will review the information they have provided and contact them with a call or message within 24 hours. The physician will provide the person with a prescription if they think they will benefit from the medication.

Wisp delivers the medication for free in discreet packaging, or a person can collect the products at their local pharmacy. Some medications, such as Ella, are available for same-day pick-ups once a physician has reviewed the request.

Wisp states that there will be a co-pay fee at a person’s local pharmacy. This charge is for the medication, which a person’s insurance can cover.

With a Wispcare subscription, the company also offers the ability to send a private message to a provider 24/7 for medical support.

Wisp offers various products and services, including primary care and treatments for various conditions.

This is how Wisp’s services and products compare.

Conditions or servicesPrice Treatable conditionsDoctor follow-up
Wisp Prescription Services$39 for a one-time STD consultation or unlimited consultations starting at $69STIs, skin problems such as eczema, and PMSwithin 24 hours
Vaginal infectionsfrom $15–$65UTIs, yeast infections, and BVwithin 24 hours
Oral and genital herpesfrom $10–$35 per month or $15–$45 for one-time purchasesoral and genital herpes within 24 hours
Birth controlfrom $5 per monthpregnancy prevention, acne, and PMDDwithin 24 hours
Emergency contraceptionfrom $18–$24pregnancy prevention after sex without a barrier methodwithin 24 hours

Wisp has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot based on over 7,600 reviews.

Customers who left positive reviews stated they liked ordering medications and talking with a physician online without waiting for an appointment or taking time off work to go to a doctor’s office. Other customers said the service was fast and that receiving the medication was easier and less stressful than waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Those who left negative reviews reported experiencing delays with some of Wisp’s services. Others wrote that they were surprised at the co-pay or out-of-pocket fees they had to pay to receive their medication.

Wisp does not have a profile on the Better Business Bureau website.

Wisp’s prices vary depending on the service or product someone chooses and whether they are making a one-time purchase or buying a subscription. With Wispcare, a one-time STD consultation costs $39, and other consultations start at $69. A person will need to pay extra on top of any Wispcare fees for birth control pills, emergency contraception, or treatments for vaginal infections or herpes.

Additionally, people may have to pay co-pays or out-of-pocket fees to receive their medication. Wisp does not take insurance, but people can pay using a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA).

Learn more about health insurance.

The company also offers a “wispcount” card that a person can print or save on their phone and present to a pharmacist when picking up their order. This card offers discounts and coupons on prescription medications.

First-time users receive a discount when they begin a quarterly subscription.

Other telehealth companies offer similar services.


Lemonaid is a telehealth company that offers treatments for various conditions, such as acne, hair loss, hot flashes, and hypothyroidism. Lemonaid states that the consultation fee typically costs $25, but the medication price can vary, depending on the individual’s insurance company.

Learn more about Lemonaid.


Nurx is another telehealth company that offers birth control and treatments for conditions such as acne, migraine headaches, and oral and genital herpes. Each consultation costs $15–$80, depending on the health condition a person would like to speak about. The price of medication varies depending on a person’s insurance.

Learn more about Nurx.


Everlywell offers at-home testing and telehealth appointments for a range of conditions, such as general health, UTIs, and STIs.

The company accepts insurance. People with insurance pay a consultation fee of $10–$50, and those without insurance pay $59. The healthcare professionals on the platform will offer personalized treatment plans.

Learn more about Everlywell.


Each consultation costs $49, though the service does not accept insurance.

LetsGetChecked also offers telehealth and at-home testing. The company offers treatment that aims to help a person’s sexual health and general wellness as well as for conditions such as cold and flu.

Learn more about LetsGetChecked.


Uqora does not offer telehealth services but stocks over-the-counter products that may help people with UTIs.

Products start from $6, and bundles are also available.

Learn more about Uqora.


Hers is a telehealth company that specializes in sexual health. It also offers consultations with healthcare professionals for conditions such as mental health issues and skin care.

All consultations are free. Hers does not accept insurance.

Learn more about Hers.

The table below compares Wisp with these competitors.

Consultation feeProducts and servicesAccepts insuranceShipping
Wisp• unlimited consultations startng at $69
$39 for a one-off STD consultation
• Wispcare
• vaginal infection treatments
• herpes treatments
• birth control
• emergency contraception
• mental health
• general health
• skin care
• at-home testing
free shipping and local pharmacy pick-ups
Lemonaid$25• birth control
• skin care
• sexual health
• UTI treatments
• mental health
• migraine
• hair loss treatment
• at-home testing
nofree shipping and local pharmacy pick-ups
Nurx$15–$80• birth control
• skincare
• sexual health
• UTI treatments
• mental health
• migraine
• hair loss treatment
• at-home testing
yesfree shipping
Everlywell$10–$59• general health
• weight care
• sexual health
• UTI treatment
• thyroid conditions
• COVID-19
• cold and flu
• at-home testing
yesfree shipping
LetsGetChecked$49• sexual health
• wellness and lifestyle
• COVID-19
• cold, and flu
• at-home testing
no, but accepts HSA and FSAfree shipping
Uqoradoes not offer consultationsover-the-counter UTI treatment and preventionno, but accepts HSA and FSAfree shipping
Hersfree• hair regrowth
• mental health
• weight care
• sexual health
nofree shipping

People can view Wisp’s privacy policy on the website.

Wisp delivers medications in discreet packaging that does not indicate where the box is from or what it contains. Additionally, the bottles are plain and do not include identifying information or medication names.

It is sometimes necessary to see an in-person doctor rather than using an online service.

For example, doctors cannot diagnose some conditions without blood tests, physical examinations, or imaging tests.

It is essential to seek a diagnosis for a UTI, yeast infection, or any other health condition before seeking treatment online.

Wisp is a legitimate site that uses licensed medical professionals to review and prescribe medication.

Wisp offers prescription and nonprescription medication for various situations and conditions at a cost that may be more affordable than some co-pays.

The company provides profiles for United States licensed physicians who review a person’s medical information and fill prescriptions.

Additionally, the company offers a 24/7 help service for subscribers to speak with Wisp’s medical team about any medication queries.

Wisp does not currently accept any insurance.

However, the company accepts FSA and HSA payments and offers a “wispcount” card that people can use to get coupons and discounts on their medication at pharmacies.

Wisp offers multiple forms of birth control, including emergency contraception.

Birth control pills start at $5 per month. Emergency contraception starts at $18 per pill.

Wisp is a company that provides primary care, birth control, and medications for people with cold sores, genital herpes, and UTIs, among other conditions.

The company offers subscribers 24/7 online access to pharmacists and healthcare professionals, free shipping, and local pharmacy pick-ups.