People may wish to incorporate some traditional yoga poses during sex. Certain poses and exercises might help reduce stress, promote connection with partners, and increase pleasure and intimacy.

Yoga is an exercise and spiritual discipline originating from India thousands of years ago. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means “union” or “to join.” Many people may practice yoga for its potential physical and mental health benefits, which may extend to sexual health.

This article explores yoga sex, including its potential benefit to sex and positions to consider trying.

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Yoga sex describes an approach to sex following the teachings, techniques, and practices of yoga. It typically involves mindful movements, breathing, and relaxation to help people achieve more conscious and intense sexual fulfillment.

Some supporters may also describe yoga sex as a mindful model of sexual health, which can also have applications for treating sexual behavior disorders, improving sexual wellness education, and promoting sexual health.

The practice involves using traditional yoga poses as positions during sexual activity. Commonly, a person stimulates or penetrates a partner who holds a yoga pose. Sexual partners can also hold similar or different yoga poses while performing yoga sex, depending on which positions work best for them.

Yoga may provide many health benefits that could be advantageous for sexual health. Improving both physical and mental health could improve aspects of sexual function and make it easier for a person to achieve sexual pleasure.

Yoga can also help individuals become more mindful, present, and aware. Mindfulness, or attending to the present moment without judgment, can lead to a range of positive sexual outcomes such as sexual satisfaction in individuals and their partners.

Studies indicate that yoga, in combination with mindfulness, can help reduce stress and anxiety. These mental responses can have numerous negative effects on the body, including decreased libido and sexual satisfaction. Moreover, a 2020 study notes that sexual mindfulness correlates with improved sexual well-being and increased satisfaction with a person’s sex life and relationships.

As a form of physical activity, yoga can improve:

  • flexibility
  • balance
  • posture
  • strength
  • blood flow
  • mood

Additionally, these factors can boost general well-being as well as improve sexual function. For example, a 2019 study found that women with hypertension had more significant sexual dysfunction than women with blood pressure within typical ranges.

A 2018 review also adds that short-term and long-term exercise can improve sexual arousal and sexual satisfaction in women. Positive body image, self-esteem, and self-confidence due to physical activity can also enhance sexual well-being.

Some yoga sex positions that people may wish to try include the below.

Plow pose

This pose can help facilitate deeper penetration, allowing for cervical contact. It also stretches the back and shoulder muscles, improving spinal flexibility and blood flow to the head. One partner lies on their back with their knees tucked to their chest to perform this pose. They then straighten their legs towards their head, perpendicular to the floor.

However, the plow pose may not be suitable for everyone. It may not be advisable for people with high blood pressure, neck and spine injuries, and those who are pregnant.

Downward dog

This position opens the hips, which can improve blood flow to the pelvic region. This may help increase lubrication and the likelihood of orgasms. The downward dog pose can also give easy access to the male and female G-spot.

To do this pose, a partner begins on all fours before slowly raising their hips to achieve an inverted V position, with the feet hip-width apart. Another partner may then penetrate from the back.


This pose opens the back and chest, which can improve breathing and circulation. Bridging also squeezes the glutes, improving blood flow to the genital area. It also engages the pelvic floor muscles, providing rhythmic contractions that can help make orgasms easier and more pleasurable.

To perform this pose, one partner lies on their back with bent knees that are hip-width apart or more to accommodate a kneeling partner. While keeping the head on the floor, raise the pelvis to form a straight line from the shoulders to the knees.

Happy baby

This relaxing, calming pose opens the hips and stretches the lower back and glutes. This position can allow deep anal and vaginal penetration. A partner performing the happy baby pose can also wrap their legs around their partner for more intimacy and comfort.

To do this position:

  • One partner lies on their back and lifts their legs towards the ceiling.
  • They bend their knees outward and grab their feet or ankles.
  • Then, another partner can lunge or kneel to enter.


This position opens up the lower back, making it an option for penetration from behind. It also gives deeper access to the vaginal wall and the G-spot. The position stretches and strengthens the back and chest muscles, making it useful for people with sore backs.

To do this pose:

  • One partner lies on their stomach.
  • They place their hands under their shoulders and pull their elbows near their torso.
  • They then raise the upper body by straightening the arms while keeping the lower body on the bed.
  • Finally, they separate the legs at least a foot apart to give enough room for another partner to lie on top.


The corpse pose, or Savasana, is a typical ending pose in yoga sessions, enabling the body to relax. The pose also allows the person to release their tensions and stresses.

To do the pose, one partner lies down with their legs and arms slightly apart. Another partner can then kneel over or lie on top of them. This position allows partners to get more intimate together.

Standing straddle forward fold

Bending forward gives another partner easier access for penetration. This pose can also help stretch the hamstrings. To perform the position, one partner stands with their legs a few feet apart, then brings their upper body forward, moving it near their legs.

While yoga sex explores sensuality, it is not necessarily the same as other yoga practices that explore a sensual and sexual aspect. Examples of alternative types of yoga include the below.

Tantric yoga

Tantric yoga focuses on enlightenment. In tantric yoga, people connect with their energy, including sexual energy, to reach physical and spiritual awareness. This can lead to a better understanding of themselves and their desires, allowing them to meet their own needs better. Tantric yoga also aims to deepen the bond between partners.

Read more about tantric sex.

Orgasmic yoga

Also called OYoga, orgasm yoga, and orgasmic meditation, this sensual orgasmic practice activates sexual energy using breathing, core activation, and hip movements. This can help a person find sex less strenuous and feel orgasms more deeply.

Kink yoga

Kink yoga is a recent practice combining yoga with bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism (BDSM). This type of yoga aims to prepare the body and offer practices and mindful breathing to help a person reach a higher state of consciousness and relaxation. It can also help reduce any anxiety a person may feel from BDSM techniques.

As with any physical activity, people should practice yoga with caution, awareness, and preparation. Some tips that may help ensure safety while trying yoga sex can include:

  • Consent: Yoga sex involves positioning and touching. Both partners should not proceed unless they have each other’s consent. This may include discussing what the poses entail and everyone’s respective roles.
  • Communication: Proper communication ensures that both partners feel safe and comfortable. Openly expressing needs and preferences can help people enjoy each other more.
  • Starting slow: It is advisable to start with more manageable and basic poses before attempting more challenging ones.
  • Talking to a health specialist: Pregnant individuals and those with health conditions may consider discussing their sexual health with a specialist before attempting yoga sex.
  • Research: Learning about poses and yoga principles can help ensure that yoga sex is safe and enjoyable. Poses offer different benefits and may not be advisable for people with certain health conditions.
  • Warming up: Preparing the body through stretching and starting with gentle movements are essential in preventing injuries from practicing yoga.
  • Listening to the body: People should listen to their bodies and be aware of concerning symptoms, such as numbness, tingling, intense pressure to the joints, or anything that causes pain.

Yoga sex involves combining yoga practices with sexual activities, which may help improve sexual intimacy, connection, and pleasure.

However, yoga, like other forms of physical activity, requires preparation. It is advisable for individuals and partners to stretch and practice positions before attempting to include them in sexual activities to avoid potential injury. It is also important for people to communicate during sex to encourage safety and satisfaction.