Yoni massage is a type of sensual massage. It is one of the tantric practices that aim to create intimate connections. People can also practice yoni massage alone as a way to get to know their bodies.

People often think of tantra synonymously with tantric sex, but sex is only one aspect of tantra.

Yoni massage is not about sex or foreplay but about getting to know oneself and what feels good.

This article describes:

  • what yoni massage is
  • its possible benefits
  • how to perform it
  • positions to try
  • where to find out more
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Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva or vagina, and it roughly translates as “sacred cave” or “sacred space.”

Yoni massage is a type of sensual massage that aims to help people feel more comfortable in themselves by exploring and developing their relationship with their body.

Yoni massage is one of many tantric practices. Tantra yoga, for example, was once a preferred practice in ancient India for enhancing sexual pleasure. Yoni massage can involve some tantric positions.

A main goal of yoni massage is to help a person feel more in tune with their body and more comfortable in their skin.

Some proponents believe that practicing this massage on one’s own may help a person work through sexual trauma because it helps a person take control of their sexuality and learn what they enjoy.

Others might find that practicing yoni massage with a partner enhances the relationship.

It is important to note that yoni massage has no medical benefits.

As anecdotal evidence suggests, most people find yoni massage to be an emotional journey rather than a sexual one.

While some people may orgasm as a result of yoni massage, it is not necessarily the goal and does not need to be an expectation.

Some people, however, find that it leads to multiple orgasms. This depends entirely on the individual.

Yoni massage is generally safe, as long as a person practices it in a safe and hygienic way. This involves:

  • washing the hands before and after
  • properly cleaning any massage tools
  • not inserting any objects into the vagina that could cause injury or infection
  • stopping if the massage becomes uncomfortable or painful

The yoni massage trend has led some companies to sell yoni tools and equipment, such as yoni eggs. These are egg-shaped objects people insert into the vagina.

However, yoni eggs that consist of materials such as jade or other crystals are not safe to insert into the vagina. Many crystals are porous, which means it is not possible to fully sterilize them. This may mean they harbor bacteria. They may also dislodge intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Additionally, some massage oils and lubricants people might want to use for yoni massage may contain perfumes and other substances that can irritate the vulva or vagina.

A person getting yoni massage from a practitioner may also need to consider additional risks. There is no official accreditation for yoni massage therapy in the United States, so it is important to check the practitioner’s reputation, reviews from other clients, or ask for recommendations to find someone trustworthy.

Practitioners say that preparation is key before performing a yoni massage. A person should try to prepare their mind, body, and, importantly, their space.

Prepare the space

Choose an inviting area, which may be a bed or the floor. Add plenty of pillows and blankets to make it as comfortable as possible.

Boost the ambiance by lowering the lights or lighting some candles, which may be scented.

A person may prefer to perform the massage in silence or with relaxing background sounds or music. Make sure that the temperature is pleasant.

Prepare the mind

Set aside enough time to perform yoni massage. It is important not to feel rushed or concerned about the day’s schedule.

Setting the intention is important when preparing for a yoni massage. Set the intention but do not get too caught up in fixing the intent. It should be flexible.

Prepare the body

Posture is important for performing a yoni massage. To have the right posture:

  • Lie down comfortably on the bed, floor, or other chosen space.
  • Gently place a pillow under the head and another under the back.
  • Place the feet gently but firmly on the ground with the knees bent and the legs open.

Warming up is also important. Breathe in and out slowly, focusing on the inhale and exhale.

Sensual touching is a great way to warm up for a yoni massage. Involve the breasts, areola, abdomen and belly, upper legs and inner thighs. Massage, touch, and pull on these areas however feels good. Work down the body toward the vulva.

People may want to use lubricant or massage oils. Make sure that any product will not cause an allergic reaction or disrupt the balance of helpful microorganisms known as the vaginal flora.

A person should proceed slowly and listen to what their body is telling them and how they are feeling. There should be no time constraints.

Some very simple techniques to try when practicing yoni massage include:


  1. Gently hold the clitoris between the index finger and thumb.
  2. Tug gently away from the body.
  3. Release.
  4. Repeat with the inner and outer labia and any other areas that feel comfortable.

Pushing and pulling

  1. Make small, pulsing movements while pushing gently on the clitoris with one or two fingers.
  2. Keep pressure on the clitoris while pulling the finger down the shaft.
  3. Repeat on both sides of the shaft.


  1. Using the finger tip, make small circles around the clitoris.
  2. Vary the direction clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. Swap between the small circles and larger ones, changing the pressure to whatever feels good.


  1. Take some of the inner or outer labia between the middle finger and thumb.
  2. Move the fingers in opposite directions as though trying to snap them together.


  1. Shape the hand into a “cup,” and hold it over the vagina.
  2. Move the hand in a gentle circular motion.
  3. Flatten the hand against the opening of the vagina.
  4. Massage the whole area using the palm of the hand.

A person can try switching between the various techniques above. Make sure the rest of the body is involved in the massage, as well.

People may wish to try multiple positions when practicing yoni massage, many of which have their roots in the yogic tradition.

Lotus position

A person can assume this position as part of a solo massage or with a partner.

Alone, sit with the legs crossed and the back straight, resting the palms on the knees.

With a partner:

  1. One partner sits as above.
  2. Facing them, the second partner sits with their legs wrapped around the first partner’s torso, with their ankles crossed behind the partner.
  3. Breathe together.

Hand on heart

  1. Sit with the legs crossed and the back straight.
  2. Rest the dominant hand over the heart.
  3. Feel the heartbeat and meditate on the connection, breathing deeply.

As people become more comfortable with yoni massages, they may wish to try out a new technique.


Orgasm is not the primary purpose of tantric practices such as yoni massage. But if a person finds that they are able to climax through yoni massage, they may wish to try what practitioners call “edging.”

By delaying orgasm, people may find that the experience is more intense when they eventually allow it to happen.

Edging involves stopping the massage just before climax and having some cooling off time. Then, begin the massage again, stopping just before climax. Repeat this as many times as desired.

The more a person repeats this process, the greater the pleasure they may experience when they finally allow themselves to reach orgasm.

People should be aware that yoni massage is not regulated.

Anyone interested in having someone else perform yoni massage on them should do careful research and look for a reputable practitioner.

Well regarded instructors in the field include Layla Martin and Sofia Sundari.

Anyone interested in tantric sex and tantra yoga more generally can find more information at Embody Tantra and Tantra is Love.

There is no scientific evidence that yoni massage has medical benefits. Anecdotal evidence with a long history suggests that it may provide emotional and spiritual benefits.

People can perform yoni massage alone or with a partner. Many who do find it to be a very intimate practice.