Zenni Optical is a vision brand offering a range of glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses, and various lens and frame choices. It has a positive reputation and reportedly sells high quality products.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, over 150 million people in the United States use corrective eyewear. They spend more than $15 billion per year on these devices. In recent years, online retailers have emerged to meet this demand.

This article discusses Zenni Optical, its services, some alternatives, and how to protect visual health.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All information presented here is purely research-based.

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We use “men’s” and “women’s” in this article to align with how companies market their products, but there is no need to stick to one or the other. A person should choose the product with the fit, style, and features that work best for them.

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About Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical started its business in 2003 in San Francisco, CA. According to the company’s website, its goals are to:

  • provide high quality and affordable glasses and lenses
  • simplify ordering eyewear online
  • take excellent care of their customers

Zenni Optical’s main claim is to offer low prices and high quality glasses frames and lenses. It does not offer any popular brand names, but it does have a wide selection of frames and glasses available.

The company offers a 30-day return policy, giving people either a 100% in-store credit refund or a 50% cash refund.

Who is Zenni Optical for?

Zenni Optical offers eyewear for most individuals. It sells frames for both adults and children in various frame options. It also sells glasses suitable for sports and protective goggles.

People can buy prescription and nonprescription lenses from Zenni.

However, if a person requires a strong prescription, they may find Zenni Optical unsuitable.

Customer reviews and brand reputation

Zenni Optical has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. The company has over customer 140,800 reviews.

Some of the positive reviews frequently comment on affordable prices, excellent customer service, and a good range of frames to choose from. Some negative comments comment on poor manufacturing and some buyers received the incorrect prescription.

Zenni Optical also has accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has an average rating of 3.69 out of 5 stars on the page, based on over 540 reviews. Positive reviews on the BBB site frequently mention reasonable prices and high quality frames. Negative reviews mention delivery issues, and customers sometimes received incorrect products.

According to the BBB, Zenni optical has closed over 120 complaints in the last 12 months. These complaints focus on poorly fitting glasses, difficulty getting refunds, and incorrect lens prescriptions.

What Zenni Optical offers

Zenni Optical exclusively offers its products and services online. It provides virtual frame testing so people can visualize how they may look with different frame styles.

All adult glasses are available in 5 sizes, and a person can also customize their size. Additionally, all lenses come with an anti-scratch coating and UV protection at no additional cost.

Below, we outline the different product ranges Zenni Optical offers.


Zenni reading glasses
  • Price range: $6.95–49.95
  • Number of frames: 1,658

Zenni Optical offers both prescription and nonprescription frames for men and women.

The company offers a choice between cat eye, rimless, half-rim, rectangle, browline, round, metal, and titanium frames. There are over 1,650 frames to choose from.

People can filter their search according to the size, fit, price, and whether the frames feature nose pads.


  • Price range: $6.95–49.95
  • Number of frames: 1,112

Zenni Optical also offers prescription and nonprescription sunglasses for men and women. There are over 1,100 frames to choose from.

People can choose from black, brown, mirror, or colored lenses, depending on the frames they choose.

Sunglasses styles available include:

  • square
  • cat-eye
  • round
  • rectangle
  • aviator
  • browline
  • geometric
  • oval
  • full or half-rim
  • rimless

Blue light glasses

  • Price range: $6.95–49.95
  • Number of frames: 1,368

Zenni Optical sells Blokz lenses, which are a brand of blue light-blocking glasses.

The Zenni Optical website says that these lenses can help protect people from blue light while they work on computer screens. Blokz incorporates the blue-light-blocking polymer into the lens so it does not wear away over time.

There are three types of Blokz blue light lenses:

  • Blokz: These offer all-day protection and are the brand’s original lenses.
  • Blokz Plus: This range of Blokz lenses has a mild yellow tint and the brand claims it offers 12 times more protection than its original lenses. The company designed them for people who spend a lot of time using digital screens.
  • Blokz Anti-Fatigue: These Blokz lenses are the same as Blokz Plus lenses, but they add magnification to prevent eyestrain.

People can customize almost any Zenni Optical frame with Blokz lenses.

Learn more about blue light glasses.

Kid’s glasses

  • Price range: $6.95–45.95
  • Number of frames: 274

Zenni carries over 200 different styles suitable for children. This includes prescription and nonprescription glasses, and sunglasses.

Many kid’s frames come in bright colors and patterns.

Some models are protective goggles suitable for sports. They feature an elastic strap attached to the stems to secure the glasses. Zenni claims these goggles meet or exceed ASTM F803-19 standards for a range of sports. The F803 standard is the strictest and means they are safe to use during high-impact sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer, among many other sports.

Clip-On Sets

  • Price range: $19.95–49.95
  • Number of styles: 62

If a person does not wish to purchase separate sunglasses, they may also purchase clip-on tinted lenses. These lenses attach to the front of a person’s glasses. Zenni cuts each clip-on to fit a person’s frame.

Brown, black, and mirror tints are available in certain styles.

Other types of clip-on lenses include 3D movie and driving lenses. As 3D glasses that movie theaters provide will not accommodate a person’s prescription lenses, people will often have to wear two pairs of glasses to watch a 3D movie. Zenni’s 3D movie clip-on lenses means people can easily watch 3D movies using their usual glasses.

Zenni’s driving glasses feature a yellow tint to help with nighttime visibility.

Zenni says clip-on tinted lenses are available with almost any frame.

Sports glasses

  • Price range: $12.95–45.95
  • Number of frames: 46

Zenni carries over 40 different frames specifically designed for sports, such as golf, cycling, and strength training. Other glasses are called goggles and have ASTM ratings classing the glasses as suitable for high impact sports such as basketball, soccer, and baseball.

However, Zenni does not list the ASTM rating for every lens.

Options include sunglasses, protective glasses, and more standard lenses. Certain styles come with tinted lenses, and a person should check whether they can order alternative lenses, such as mirrored lenses, for their chosen frame.

Protective goggles and glasses

  • Price range: $6.95–49.95
  • Number of frames: 32

Zenni offers a line of protective eyewear. These can accommodate nonprescription or prescription lenses. Zenni states that its protective eyewear provides industry-certified protection.

People can choose from:

  • ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses: These are suitable for people who work in commercial, construction, engineering, or industrial environments. ANSI Z87.1 means the glasses can protect people’s eyes from impacts, non-ionizing radiation, and liquid splash exposures.
  • Prescription protective glasses: These glasses are for general-purpose protection against dust, pollen, and other particles. Zenni recommends them for light DIY projects. The glasses come with snap-on protective shields in clear, pink, green, and blue.
  • Protective Sports Goggles: These sports goggles meet or exceed the ASTM F803-19 standards for basketball, soccer, badminton, and handball. People can buy small, medium, and large frames. The small is suitable for children ages 7–11 or adolescents and adults with narrower faces. The medium is for people ages 12 and over. the large is for adults with larger faces.
  • Non-Prescription Protective Goggles: These are general-purpose glasses for low impact activities. The lenses cover a wide area and shield the top and sides of the face. Some models come with a strap to secure the goggles onto the head.


  • Price range: $6.95–49.95
  • Number of frames: 1,346

Zenni also stocks over 1,300 frames suitable for bifocal lenses.

Bifocal lenses feature two areas of magnification and they may not always fit into certain types of frames.

However, Zenni sells over 1,300 frames that are suitable for bifocal lenses.

If people want to explore other bifocal lens options, they can consider bifocal contact lenses.

Progressive lenses

  • Price range: $6.95–49.95
  • Number of frames: 1,346

Progressive lenses do not feature a dividing line between the different magnification areas. They can have up to three different “viewing areas”. For lenses using three viewing areas, the top area of the glasses would be suitable for driving, the middle for working, and the lower portion for reading.

Using progressive lenses means people can have one pair of glasses suitable for near-, mid-, and long-distance vision.


  • Price range: $1.95–23.95
  • Number of items: 59

In addition to eyewear, Zenni also stocks various accessories. These include:

  • lens wipes and spray
  • glasses cases
  • travel cases
  • eyeglass chains
  • earrings
  • eyeglasses repair kit

There is also a small range of acetate stud earrings that match certain frames.


Zenni Optical’s website contains guides and advice on topics such as:

  • finding the best glasses for differently-shaped faces
  • measurements that people need to take to purchase glasses online
  • guidelines for tinted sunglasses
  • the cost of wearing glasses

Learn more about understanding a glasses prescription.

Pros and cons at a glance

Below are some pros and cons of the Zenni brand.


  • offers a range of eyewear at affordable prices
  • caters to children and adults
  • sells sports glasses, sunglasses, protective goggles, and clip-on lenses
  • has a 30-day return policy
  • has an average of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars on Trustpilot
  • positive reviews mention good customer service, good prices, and wide range of frames
  • it has a positive reputation online


  • 30-day returns may only allow customers to receive in-store credit or a 50% refund
  • may not stock frames suitable for those with very strong prescriptions
  • does not accept insurance
  • shipping is not free
  • it does not sell contact lenses
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How much does Zenni Optical cost?

Frames from Zenni Optical start at $6.95. The most expensive frames cost $49.95. All frames come with free anti-scratch coating and UV protection. The company also offers the following tints and coatings:

  • Blue light lenses: starting at $16.95
  • Anti-reflective and anti-fog coating: $12.95
  • Super-hydrophobic (water-repelling) coating: $8.95
  • Oleophobic (fingerprint/oil-resistant) coating: $14.95
  • Tints: starting at $4.95

Single-vision lenses are free. However, if a person requires a stronger prescription, this may cost extra on top of the frame price. Prices are as follows:

  • Mid-index lenses: starting from $9
  • High-index lenses: from $19.95–$79

Prices for accessories, such as cleaning kits, silicone cushions, and cases start from $2.95.

Standard shipping for all orders costs $4.95. Zenni also offers express shipping to all U.S. states for $18.95.

How to order

To place an order, a person begins by choosing a frame and lens type. A person can also use the virtual try-on feature to determine which frame may suit them best.

Once a person chooses a frame, they need to supply Zenni with their eyewear prescription and pupillary distance. At this point, people can also choose if they would like to add any additional coatings to their lenses.

Zenni Optical returns and warranty

Zenni Optical offers 30-day returns. If a person is not satisfied with their product, they can return them and receive 100% store credit or a 50% cash refund. However, accessories qualify for a 100% store credit or a cash refund.

This 30-day period begins from the date of delivery.

The warranty period is also 30 days. If a person believes their glasses have a manufacturing defect, they can return them within this time for inspection. Zenni will then replace the glasses free of charge if they identify a manufacturing defect.

Nose pads and nose pad screws have a lifetime warranty. Additionally, anti-reflective coatings and photochromic films have a one-year warranty from the date of delivery.

What to look for in vision products

The list below describes some characteristics to review and be aware of when purchasing glasses or other vision products:

  • Look for lenses made of materials suitable for the glasses’ intended purpose, such as using a computer or playing sports.
  • Choose protective coatings that are appropriate for the glasses’ intended purpose.
  • Work with eye care professionals or follow online instructions carefully to secure a good fit.
  • More expensive or designer frames will not necessarily mean a better pair of glasses.
  • Look for high quality lenses.

Visual health

One of the best ways to protect one’s eye and visual health is to have regular screenings, including dilated eye exams.

Dilated eye exams can reveal the presence of eye disease and show whether or not someone may need glasses or contact lenses. If a vision device is necessary, a refraction test will follow.

Both optometrists and ophthalmologists can write prescriptions for glasses. A glasses prescription details:

  • the lenses needed for each eye
  • how powerful the lenses need to be
  • if the eye has astigmatism, or a curve to the cornea, that needs correction and where it is
  • whether or not correction for double vision is necessary

An optician can make glasses but cannot write the prescription for the lenses.

Aside from getting and wearing glasses if they are needed, some other tips for protecting eye and visual health include the following:

  • being aware of one’s family history and risk factors
  • resting the eyes regularly when using a computer 
  • wearing eye protection, such as sunglasses, when necessary
  • following a balanced, nutritious diet
  • exercising regularly
  • maintaining a moderate weight
  • not smoking

Learn more about improving and protecting vision without glasses here.

Alternative brands

In addition to Zenni Optical, there are many other places to shop for glasses online. These include the following:

  • Warby Parker: Warby Parker offers glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses for purchase online. It also has physical stores in some U.S. states. People can try on five frames at home for free. Warby Parker also conducts eye exams at its physical stores. People can add blue light lenses to any frame, with or without prescription lenses. Warby Parker’s prices tend to be higher than those of Zenni Optical. Learn more about Warby Parker.
  • GlassesUSA: GlassesUSA offers single-vision and multifocal lenses. It also carries sports, nonprescription, children’s, and blue light glasses, as well as specialty coatings and contact lenses. Frame options include designer brands, such as Prada, Oakley, and Ray-Ban, alongside in-house designs. GlassesUSA also offers a virtual try-on tool. Learn more about GlassesUSA.
  • Coastal: Coastal has its own in-house designers. It also has a “MyFit tool,” which the brand says can help people find frames that fit correctly and comfortably. Coastal also has a “Face Shape Guide” to help customers find glasses they like. Coastal offers fast shipping and free returns. Learn more about Coastal.

Zenni Optical vs. competitors

Below is a comparison table that compares Zenni Optical to its competitors.

Frame price rangeProduct rangePhysical or online store
Zenni Optical$6.95–$49.95• prescription and nonprescription frames
• sunglasses
• kids eyewear
• blue light glasses
• clips ons
• sport glasses
• protective goggles and eyewear
• bifocals
• accessories
Warby Parker$95–$295• prescription and nonprescription frames
• sunglasses
• contacts
• accessories
GlassesUSA$58–$973• prescription and nonprescription frames
• sunglasses
• multifocals
• progressives
• bifocals
• sports glasses
• protective eyewear
• blue light glasses
• transition glasses
• clip ons
Coastalprices not listed online• prescription and nonprescription frames
• sunglasses
• kids glasses
• contact lenses

Frequently asked questions about Zenni Optical

Below, we answer some frequently asked questions about Zenni Optical.

Is Zenni Optical trustworthy?

Zenni Optical is a trustworthy online eyewear retailer. It has an average customer rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars on Trustpilot and over 13,000 reviews.

Are Zenni eyeglasses good quality?

Many Trustpilot reviews about Zenni Optical’s products mention the high quality of the eyeglasses.

Zenni Optical says that it makes each frame with durable materials including acetate, titanium, and TR memory plastic.

Why is Zenni Optical so cheap?

According to Zenni Optical, it designs and manufactures its own products to keep costs low. Other companies may use a third party, resulting in higher prices to cover their costs.

Is Zenni as good as Warby Parker?

Zenni offers more affordable prices than Warby Parker. However, Warby Parker has physical stores and also stocks contact lenses. Zenni also sells frames for children whereas Warby Parker does not.

Zenni has a very positive online reputation, with many customers claiming the frames and lenses are of good quality. In contrast, Warby Parker has a more mixed reputation, according to online reviews.

Learn more about how Warby Parker and Zenni Optical compare.


Zenni Optical offers a wide range of vision products, such as glasses frames, at a low cost. The company has a positive reputation online and reportedly makes high quality products.

Customers can use the company’s virtual try-on tool to see how they would look in certain frames.