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Zoma is a mattress manufacturer that offers two different types of mattress: Zoma All Foam and Zoma Hybrid.

In this article, we provide more information on Zoma and the mattresses it sells. We also explain why sleeping on a high quality mattress is beneficial to a person’s health.

Zoma is a mattress manufacturer that makes all of its mattresses and pillows in the United States.

The company claims it engineers its products to relieve pain-causing pressure points, which may help people who frequently wake up with aches and pains.

Zoma offers a 100-night guarantee on its products, promising a refund if a person is not happy with the mattress during this time.

The company also offers free shipping on all products to the 48 contiguous states, and each mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Zoma also states that several athletes trust its products, including an Olympic athlete and some baseball players and soccer players. However, this is merely a claim from the brand, so it should not influence a person’s purchase decision.

Zoma manufactures all its products in the U.S. using environmentally friendly processes.

The foam it uses in its products has CertiPUR-US certification, which means that it is free from harmful chemicals and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In most reviews on the Zoma website, users state that the mattresses are comfortable, cool, and supportive, with several reviewers noting that the mattresses are soft yet firm. Some reviewers say that they have been less aware of their partners moving around when using Zoma mattresses.

Review authors also note that the Zoma customer service is prompt and professional, with the company answering queries and complaints in a reasonable time frame.

While most of the reviews of Zoma mattresses are positive, several customers claim that the mattress is not as firm as they thought it would be and that they sink too much into it, which increases their aches and pains. One reviewer states that Zoma mattresses are too soft for people who sleep on their side.

However, it is advisable to look at reviews on objective review sites, as a brand site may offer biased portrayals of customer satisfaction.

Below, we look in more detail at the mattresses that Zoma offers.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Zoma All Foam Mattress

This mattress may help people stay cool during sleep. Its top layer comprises cooling gel memory foam that channels heat away from the body and contours to a person’s body shape. A responsive layer beneath it prevents people from sinking into the mattress.

The mattress is also durable, as the company has designed it to promote proper spinal alignment for up to 10 years. The mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions.

Zoma states that this mattress reduces motion transfer, which may benefit people who share a bed or find that movement during sleep easily disturbs them.

This mattress is available in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split King

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

This Zoma Hybrid mattress responds to a person’s sleeping movements, and the materials help prevent the person from sinking too far into the mattress.

As with Zoma All Foam Mattress, this model provides extra support to the head, shoulders, hips, lower back, and legs. It also offers similar spinal support.

Zoma states that the Hybrid mattress has a bouncier feel than its All Foam model. It also offers better breathability and extra edge support, which may help people get in and out of bed more easily.

This mattress comes in seven sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split King

Zoma All Foam Mattress

The All Foam Mattress has a breathable, well-ventilated, stretchy AirCloth cover. This regulates a person’s body temperature during sleep, as it wicks away moisture and heat. In addition, it has gel-infused memory foam to further help keep a person cool.

It has three-zone support in the gel memory foam layer to provide pressure point relief. The company states that this mattress also reduces motion transfer.

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

This mattress also has a breathable AirCloth cover that keeps a person cool during sleep time.

The company does not mention motion transfer, so this mattress may not perform as well as the All Foam Mattress. However, Zoma does state that the materials will prevent sinking and provide good spinal support and alignment.

Both Zoma mattresses have a medium firmness. The company states that this makes them ideal for side, back, and combination sleepers.

The pressure relief points within the mattress target these areas in back and side sleepers.

The table below shows the sizes in which the two mattress types are available. All are 12 inches (in) in depth.

Twinwidth: 38 in
length: 74 in
Twin XLwidth: 38 in
length: 80 in
Fullwidth: 54 in
length: 75 in
Queenwidth: 60 in
length: 80 in
Kingwidth: 76 in
length: 80 in
California Kingwidth: 72 in
length: 84 in
Split Kingwidth: 38 in
length: 80 in

Below, we list Zoma mattress pros and cons.


  • lengthy sleep trial and warranty times
  • free shipping
  • U.S.-based, eco-friendly manufacturing processes
  • foam with CertiPUR-US certification
  • a range of sizes available


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For those who decide that Zoma mattresses are not right for them, there are other options. The CertiPUR-US website provides links to companies that manufacture products to its specifications.

An individual can choose one of the following mattress types:

  • innerspring, which contain coil support to distribute body weight evenly
  • memory foam
  • latex, either synthetic or organic
  • hybrid, which is a mix of memory foam and innerspring
  • pillow-top, which means that they have an extra layer of cushioning between the mattress and the sleeper
  • waterbeds
  • air mattresses

Zoma makes its mattresses with foam and innersprings.

Learn more about the differences between mattress types here.

Research shows that certain mattresses are better than others at reducing aches and pains.

A 2015 systematic review observes that mattresses that are self-adjustable and offer medium-firm support are optimal for promoting comfort, sleep quality, and proper spinal alignment.

Another study evaluating the effect of a medium-firm mattress on older adults with musculoskeletal pain also found that this level of support reduced the amount of back pain that the participants experienced. Other factors, including age, body weight, and medication, did not affect this finding.

It is important to find a mattress that provides the right level of comfort for the individual. Low quality sleep can lead to many health issues.

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) notes that short-term side effects include:

  • drowsiness
  • increased irritability
  • attention problems
  • reduced alertness and motor skills

The NICHD also lists the following long-term side effects:

Below, we answer some common questions about mattresses.

How often should a person change their mattress?

A person should change their mattress approximately every 7 years. If a mattress sags or is no longer providing appropriate support, an individual should look into purchasing a new one sooner.

What level of firmness is best in a mattress?

This depends on the person and what they find most comfortable and supportive. Medium and medium-firm mattresses may suit most individuals.

Looking for a mattress manufacturer that offers trial periods, such as Zoma, may help make a decision.

What should a person avoid when choosing a mattress?

Some mattresses may contain toxic chemicals, and a person should avoid mattresses containing VOCs.

Sometimes, mattress foam can contain VOCs. However, foam bedding is safer if it has CertiPUR-US certification.

Most reviews of Zoma are positive, stating that its customer service is friendly and prompt and that the mattresses are comfortable.

However, some reviewers say that the Zoma mattresses do not suit their lifestyle or do not ease their aches and pains.

When choosing a mattress, people should consider their unique needs and preferences. They should also research reviews online on multiple objective sites.