Brianna Ngarambe

Brianna Ngarambe is a graduate of Purdue University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science. During her time at Purdue, she was involved in promoting racial equity through actively recruiting underrepresented minority students to the university and maintaining a strong connection with these individuals as a mentor. While at university, she was Vice President of ACCLAIM, an organization aiming to promote leadership in multicultural and international students. In her role, she hosted panel discussions and prepared events for university staff and students in the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Prior to her current role as Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor at the University of Global Health Equity, Brianna worked as Nurse Assistant and Medical Secretary at Roland Assisted Living in South Bend, Indiana. Through both roles, she cultivated a passion for social justice in the form of equal access to comprehensive, quality healthcare regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status.

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