The haunting images of children huddled in refugee camps and exposed to violence in war zones appear on millions of television screens and in newspapers everyday worldwide. Children continue to be burdened by the emotional and physical scars of violent homes and communities. In his new book, Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience: Confronting Global Realities and Rethinking Child Development, author James Garbarino, PhD, blends insights from the fields of psychology and philosophy with his own wide-ranging, first-hand experiences around the world, taking readers on a personalized journey into the dark side of human experience as it is lived by children.

Throughout the book, Dr. Garbarino intertwines a discussion of children's material and spiritual needs with an examination of the clinical knowledge and experiential wisdom required to understand and meet these complex developmental needs. Using anecdotal observations, empirical evidence, and an ecological perspective, he reveals a path to ensuring the fundamental human rights of all children: the right to safety, equality, economic parity, and a meaningful life.

"If we are to succeed in making a lasting, positive change in the lives of children, we must be willing to rethink the concepts of development, trauma, and resilience," says Dr. Garbarino. "My book brings to light the struggle that many of our children face, and can be an important tool for mental health professionals, educators, researchers, social workers, child advocates, and policymakers. Really, anyone who takes an interest in the well-being and future of the world's children can benefit from this book."


James Garbarino, PhD, is a professor at Loyola University Chicago. His 25 years of research focus on the social ecology of child and adolescent development, and he has a long standing interest in a wide range of violence-related issues - war, child maltreatment, childhood aggression, and juvenile delinquency. In 1991, Dr. Garbarino undertook missions for UNICEF to assess the impact of the Gulf War upon children in Kuwait and Iraq, and he served as a consultant for programs serving Vietnamese, Bosnian, and Croatian children. He has served as a scientific expert witness in criminal and civil cases involving trauma, violence, and children. Dr. Garbarino has authored many books on children and violence-related issues.

James Garbarino
Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience
Confronting Global Realities and Rethinking Child Development
2008, Approx. 390 p.,
ISBN: 978-0-387-75625-7

Source: Joan Robinson