Letter to the Editor

Muslim and Christian divine teachings prohibit almost all the proposals in the Embryo bill:

1. The making of a new creation through a cross-species (human-animal) hybrid.
2. The destruction of human embryos.
3. The making of a child without a known caring father.
4. The abuse of IVF to make children for the unmarried and those living in unnatural and immoral relationships,as this will undermine marriage and family values.
5. The facilitation of more killings of the innocent unborn babies through abortion or to make abortion easier. No amendment should be made to allow that!

In fact, the killing of all innocent unborn human beings at any stage of the pregnancy is a crime and should be outlawed and stopped completely.

We fully support scientific and medical progress aimed at finding the causes and treatment of diseases. Seeking to use stem cells from this new unnatural, man-animal production is knocking on the wrong door, especially when there have been many successful medical results using adult stem cells, an ethical alternative (http://www.stemcellresearch.org)

ALL MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS (parents, doctors, nurses, lawyers, MPs etc...) should strongly oppose this inhumane Bill, which contains a minefield of dangers and immorality and allow medical research which is doomed to failure and it will waste of time and money which would be better spent on the productive Adult stem cell research and other ways of medical research.

For religious, ethical, humane, family social and economic reasons, this dreadful bill should be stopped for good!

Dr A. Majid Katme (MBBCh,DPM)
Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association