Zetox, a dietary supplement of volcanic rock, mined in South Africa by Zeolite Holdings, is advertised by Mr. Paul King and Dr. Maule, Global Health Products, as regular detox, hangover cure, cancer support supplement, a.s.o. http://www.karoshil.com/zetox.html

Vulkansandkuren, a dietary supplement of volcanic ash, advertised as body detox during a number of "natural therapies" contains arsenic, lead, and dioxins, all known to cause cancer.

Customers from the areas in Sweden where Rayid Related Practitioners Susanna Oden, Pharmanova AB in Ume?, http://www.nmtf.se/090.htm and Peter Wilhelmsson, Alpha Plus AB/IFM-klinikerna in Falun, http://www.nmtf.se/023.htm reported negative health effects from vulkansandkuren to the National Food Administration (SLV). SLV posted 20 April 2004 analyses of the dietary supplement Vulkansandkuren. Vulkansand is said to be produced from zeolites i.e. volcanic ash, traditionally used as cat-litter and air-filters. Vulkansandkuren contains high levels of arsenic, lead, and aluminium. Vulkansand also contains dioxins, mercury, cadmium, nickel, cupper, and chromium. Dnr ad 3199/03; Dnr ad 775/01; http://www.slv.se Search: vulkansand.

Susanna Oden, Peter Wilhelmsson and Ingrid Franzon are all members of Naringsmedicinska Terapeutforbundet (NMTF), the association for nutritional therapeuts educated by themselves. NMTF is part of KAM the Committee for Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

In Europe there is a harmonization of rules, which aim is protecting customers from harmful substances and mineral forms in dietary supplements, as well as inaccurate labelling. This has started a panic-like reaction among producers, therapeuts, and their associations. In the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) support, from Sweden, only companies trading colloidal minerals, Hela Pharma AB, and volcanic ash/zeolite dietary supplements, Alpha Plus AB are found together with NMTF and KAM. http://www.alliance-natural-health.org/index.cfm?action=links

Peter Wilhelmsson and Ingrid Franzon, Alpha Plus, teach "nutritional medicine" at College of Kinesiologic Medicine (a false college) and NNFS. http://www.nnfs.se/larare.htm Pharmanova AB trading both colloidal minerals and volcanic ash has today a low profile, since "Dr" Susanna Oden with "specialization in endocrinology, diabetes, and gastroenterology" was found being nurse, founder of Rayid Sweden, and Certified Rayid Master educated and certified by "behavioural researcher" Denny Ray Johnson, Rayid International. http://www.rayid.com/main/certification.htm

ANH is directed by a John C. Hammell, International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF), http://www.iahf.com/codex/20011202.html The aim is protection the mines and manufacturers of dietary supplements. Senator Hatch says: Utah is the home to over 100 medical device manufacturers, and several pharmaceutical manufacturers as well. We also are the Nation's leading producer of dietary supplements. http://www.iahf.com/codex/oversight_comments.html

IAHF beg for money from their customers through ANH. Donations are sent to a Mount Manor House in United Kingdom, but information does not tell the owner's identity. http://www.ehdin.com/EUdirektiv.html

Just like John C. Hammell suggested in his emergency letter URGENT HELP NEEDED, IAHF and ANH have used artists http://www.ehdin.com/EUdirektiv.html, sport celebrities http://www.pratikvadrat.com/undersidor/vulkansand/vulkansand.asp politicians, and even scientists in the aim protecting "our" dietary supplements. http://www.iahf.com/codex/20011202.html From Sweden the former scientist Susanna Ehdin, PhD. in immunology in 1988, works for ANH, KAM, and the companies trading toxic dietary supplements. Professor Per Christer Oden, owner of Pharmanova AB, are prosecuted since his employer, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), received the invoices for Denny Ray Johnson's rental car and Susanna Oden's computer and computer equipment used for the spread of Rayid International's odd "messages" on internet.

The pattern we experience in Europe and Sweden are exactly the process we can follow in John C. Hammell's emergency letter. The main problem for the companies involved in this business is that they can't produce the documents and scientific results proving the safety of their dietary supplements, as part of the content is toxic and therefore secret. Their whole concept, from healthy customer to poisoned patient, will fall when the Scientific Committee of Foods withdraw the toxic dietary supplements from the European market.

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