Four men from Texas are suing Chevron and Gulf Oil on behalf of their father who died recently of mesothelioma which is a cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

Kyle, Dan, Ted and Mark Bergeron claim that their father Gliese Bergeron's disease was wrongfully caused. Gliese Bergeron died of mesothelioma on October 22, 2008.

According to the lawsuit filed Dec. 22 in Jefferson County District Court, Gliese Bergeron worked as a pipefitter, operator, truck driver, insulator and maintenance planner at Chevron and Gulf Oil from 1942 to 1983.

Bergeron's sons argue that their father's exposure to asbestos was foreseeable and should have been anticipated by the defendants.

The lawsuit states that Chevron and Gulf Oil were allegedly negligent as they failed to test the air in order to find out the levels of asbestos fibers at the work site and also to warn their employees regarding the health hazards associated to asbestos exposure.

According to the suit, Chevron and Gulf Oil allegedly failed to implement proper safety measures to protect workers, to perform appropriate industrial hygiene monitoring, to adequately train, educate and instruct workers on the risks of asbestos and allegedly failed to provide and suggest the use of personal protective equipment to guard workers.

The complaint also states that both the companies allegedly failed to implement and recommend engineering controls to minimize workers' exposure to asbestos, failed to rule out improper handling of asbestos fibers, to provide workers with a safe area to work and to develop and implement an occupational medicine program to monitor workers' exposure to asbestos in a timely manner.

Judge Gary Sanderson of 60th District Court will be hearing the case.

Case No. B182-900

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