Japan - Polyphenols extracted from apples could increase muscle power and reduce fat in and around organs in the human body, according to the results of joint research conducted by Asahi Breweries, Ltd. and Nippon Sport Science University graduate school.

Asahi Breweries researchers and Hiroyuki Nakajima, professor of the NSSU graduate school, fed rats with food that contained 5 percent apple polyphenols, and compared them after three weeks with rats that were fed ordinary food.

The results showed that rats fed with food containing apple polyphenols gained 16 percent more muscle strength and lost 27 percent of organ fat when compared with those that ate ordinary food.

Polyphenols contained in red wine and black beans have been known to remove oxygen radicals in the body, a substance that may cause cancer and accelerate the process of aging. But this is the first time a polyphenol has been shown to have an effect on muscle strength and organ fat. CONTINUES................www.yomiuri.co.jp