In Japan reports of violence linked to SSRI antidepressants have raised public awareness to the danger these drugs can pose. A Japanese psychiatrist acknowledges: "To say that being able to tell the difference between depressives and mild manic-depressives is the test of a psychiatrist's true skill is no exaggeration."

The absence of any empirically valid diagnostic tool in psychiatry puts patients at risk of trial and error --i.e., Russian roulette--diagnostic and treatment methods

She indicates that The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has investigated news reports about antidepressant users "who developed increased feelings of hostility or anxiety, and have even committed sudden acts of violence against others."

After its investigation, the Ministry decided to revise the label warnings on SSRI antidepressant stating, "There are cases where we cannot rule out a causal relationship [of hostility, anxiety, and sudden acts of violence] with the medication."

So, why are millions of American children being prescribed a class of mind-altering drugs that in some people INDUCE VIOLENCE against self and others?

See, SSRI Stories, a website that chronicles news reports about violence, murder and suicide in which SSRIs were implicated. So far there are 3,000 news reports posted:

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