EBM IPA, an Independent Practice Association with more than 100 physician members in New York City, has selected the MedAZ suite of Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management (PM) and Billing services. EBM IPA will also deploy MedAZ PHR portal to facilitate patient care processes at member practices.

"EBM IPA is pleased to be a partner with MedAZ in meeting the needs of physicians, patients and insurance companies," said Camille Philippe, MD, Chief Executive Officer of EBM IPA. "Their system's ability to aggregate data and report on quality indicators will be invaluable in negotiating better reimbursement rates for our members. As revenues come under pressure due to new laws, this initiative will better equip us to utilize the latest technology to provide the best patient-centered care to patients and their families."

"Our system addresses efficiency and quality in all aspects of medical practice," said Vasu S. Iyengar, of MedAZ.net LLC. "The EHR Plus medical record supports clinical quality with evidence-based guidelines, the Practice Plus management system maximizes staff and space efficiency, and the Billing Plus module minimizes errors and speeds collections."

All modules are scalable to accommodate practices of any size. The system is multilingual, reliable and exceeds HIPAA security requirements.


EBM IPA is an Independent Physician Association with more than 100 physician practices as members. EBM IPA provides a platform for its member physicians to negotiate better reimbursements and payments with insurance companies in return for quality care being provided. EBM IPA's mission is to help its members provide quality health services and improve the health of the communities it serves.

About MedAZ.net LLC

MedAZ.net is a wholly owned subsidiary of KATSI, a global IT company delivering services, solutions and products to enterprises worldwide with state-of-the-art development centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and India. MedAZ helps physicians to increase their office efficiency and reduce risk with free, fully integrated EHR and Practice Management Software when they sign up for MedAZ Billing PLUS.

Source: MedAZ.net LLC