More than 25 million American children are obese or at risk for becoming obese. If you're the parent of an overweight kid, you're probably wondering what you can do to help your child. interviewed leading childhood obesity experts, as well as parents and kids, to come up with some practical advice for dealing with the problem. Here are just a few of their habits to have.

Make family dinners a priority.

Studies show that kids in families that sit down together for dinner several nights a week are more likely to adopt healthy eating habits and behavior. They also do better in school.

Be a role model.

Even if it seems like your kids, especially teenagers, don't notice anything about you, they do. Don't just tell your kids to eat healthy snacks, have one yourself.

But remember, no one is perfect.

Not everything that goes into your mouth is going to be 100% nutritious. And that's OK. Show your kids how to have a healthy relationship with food by remembering moderation and eating right throughout the day.

No more portion distortion.

A good way to keep from overeating is to use smaller plates and smaller bowls. We're used to filling plates, but that's usually more calories than we need.

Make food fun.

If eating right seems like punishment, no kid will want to do it. Involve your children in meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. Give your child several healthy choices and let him or her plan dinner.

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