"The Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA) strongly disagrees with NPATCH's support for allowing nurses to administer anesthesia without physician supervision. Regrettably, their action was not unexpected. It is disturbing that NPATCH and others would support policies whereby a patient's life-and-death medical decisions would be made by nurses, not doctors.

"Medical practice laws in Colorado clearly state that physicians are responsible for anesthesia care, and the Governor's opt-out plan is inconsistent with state law. As Governor Ritter considers what is best for the people of Colorado, we respectfully urge him to reconsider having the state opt-out of a rule and standard of care that protects patient health and safety.

"It has been reported that Governor Ritter could make a decision on the opt-out rule by today, however, we argue that this issue should not be rushed. We call on him to listen to the collective voices of medical professionals, patient groups and seniors in Colorado in their plea to maintain our laws that have worked so well to protect patients for nearly 40 years."

Source: Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists