Through its Construction Unit, Tecnalia is taking part in the Segurtrans project, the aim of which is to increase the overall safety/security level of transport terminals in the face of deliberate critical events such as explosions, fires and cyber attacks. The project will help in conceiving construction and architectural solutions that enable the efficient design of security at transport terminals (airports, train stations, underground railways, etc.).

Financed by the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) with four million euros, Segurtrans was created around a state-of-the-art consortium made up of Sacyr, Euroestudios, Sener and Tecnalia itself, and within the remit of the line of research aimed at developing transport at the Construction Technological Platform (PTEC). In the final consortium in developing the project, also participating, apart from Tecnalia, will be organisations such as Sacyr Concesiones, Euroestudios, KV Consultores, Tapusa and the Polytechnic University of Mines in Madrid.

The Tecnalia team participating in Segurtrans will contribute with their knowledge of designing threat scenarios and modelling the causes and effects of explosions on main structural systems, as well as the effect on the public.

The Construction Unit of this technological centre has been working for almost two years on a new technological line of research related to the modelling of the effects of explosions. Concretely, the contribution of this project is its knowledge and skills in simulating (modelling) fires and explosions and their effects on construction scenarios, discriminating between primary structural systems and secondary systems and enclosures. Also, these effects have been integrated into advanced models of human behaviour in order to determine minimum effects and safe flows of evacuation.

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