Hip Impact Protection Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of its innovative, next generation aid in the protection of hips of the frail and elderly, especially those with osteoporosis. Fall-Safe® protection has been developed by using a new material - D3O® - that offers superior protection compared to other materials of similar thickness. Uniquely, the Fall-Safe® protector is flexible and specifically shaped to fit comfortably over the trochanter. With clever internal contouring to minimise contact with the skin, it remains at a comfortable temperature due to the air holes providing ventilation. With a thickness of only 18mm, the protectors fit neatly into discreet, custom made women's, men's and unisex, regular or incontinence pants.

Professor Julian Minns, Consultant Clinical Scientist, ex Regional Medical Physics Department, Newcastle Gen. Hospital, comments, "The cost of fractures of the hip resulting from a fall, to limited NHS resources, is rising with an aging population. Any method of preventing injury, especially reducing the number of hip fractures from a fall, will benefit not only the patient but also the costly resources of managing and nursing such a major catastrophic event."

Fall-Safe® protectors are designed to be wearable all day - and in bed all night. This innovative product does not deteriorate after a fall and is soft, flexible and cool thus avoiding pressure sores that other products may cause. It has been shown to be most effective in reducing impact and is impervious to pinpricks or bursting. Fall-Safe® protectors are very durable with up to 3 years of life, making them an economical option for the protection of hips.

William Beckett, Director, Hip Impact Protection, remarks, "Fall-Safe® protectors offer round the clock comfort and, for vulnerable patients, help to minimise the risk of hip fracture due to falls. We are delighted to be able to make this product available and thus provide a solution for the future of hip protection."

The technology behind the D3O® material ensures that the pads are soft and flexible in order to leave the skin unmarked, even after prolonged wear. The incontinence pants use special high capacity proprietary liners that were developed for NASA astronauts.

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