Spanish-speaking children and caregivers now have a new online tool to help gauge a child's risk for cavities, thanks to a new interactive quiz launched by a group of Delta Dental companies.

The dental cavity risk quiz, which also includes tips on cavity prevention, is now accessible on the unified Spanish-language website for Delta Dental Insurance Company, Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania and their affiliates at The quiz, one of the many free educational resources Delta Dental provides in Spanish as well as English, is part of Delta Dental's wellness education. That program includes online tools, videos, newsletters and dental plan designs - all geared toward preventive care for people of all ages.

Although dental caries is the most chronic childhood disease in the U.S., an estimated one-third to two-thirds of adults over age 50 also get cavities. In addition, national studies report that Hispanic children have a higher prevalence of untreated decay than non-Hispanic children.

"Almost everyone is at some risk for developing cavities, and dental caries (cavities) is one of the most common chronic childhood diseases in the U.S.," said John Yamamoto, DDS, vice president of Professional Services. "We've created this interactive assessment to help engage kids in their own dental health and raise awareness about caries prevention. Good preventive care from an early age is a very important step in fighting dental disease."

The narrated quiz guides readers through several questions about their oral health, using cartoon characters and an easy-to-follow format. Along the way, the narrator provides advice, based upon readers' answers, to help them learn more about their cavity risk and what they can do to limit it.

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