Dickon Weir-Hughes stresses nurses and midwives accountable for care.

In response to Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports on the care of older people, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar, Professor Dickon Weir-Hughes said:

" There is no excuse for unsafe care in any circumstance. The reports published by the CQC are a clear message that while there are some very positive examples of best practise, some hospitals are failing to deliver essential care and this is unacceptable.

Nurses and midwives are accountable for care given whether directly or through delegation. Employers, many of whom will be on our register will be in breach of their professional code of conduct if they do not raise or escalate concerns and I am surprised that we have not yet had any nurses reported to us by their employer from these hospitals.

We are the only organisation with the powers to stop nurses and midwives practising if they pose a risk to the public. We are working closely with the CQC to identify whether we need to investigate individual nurses in connection to these reports."

Care Quality Commission