On World No Tobacco Day, the AMA is putting its full support behind Government efforts to stop the tobacco industry using clever and fashionable marketing and advertising techniques to promote the killer smoking habit in the community, especially to young people.

AMA President, Dr Steve Hambleton, said today that tobacco companies are still using marketing tactics to entice young people to smoke, despite tough measures by governments to combat smoking.

"The AMA strongly supports the Federal Government's plain packaging legislation, and we urge an end to all forms of tobacco promotion," Dr Hambleton said.

"Plain packaging will put an end to the bright colours, attractive lifestyle destinations, and stylish fonts and logos depicted on cigarette packs to keep smokers smoking and to lure vulnerable young people to endanger their health by taking up smoking.

"We urge the Government to also look closely at cross promotions with marketing drawcards such as the fashion industry.

"Leading international fashion labels are still allowing their names to appear on cigarette packaging. "These apparently 'fashionable' cigarettes have been marketed towards young women in Asia and Russia, and the images are easily accessible to young Australians through the Internet and other media.

"Tobacco companies are banned from advertising their products and sponsoring events in many countries, including Australia.

"But tobacco companies are still using every possible loophole or trick to promote their products as trendy and desirable.

"Smoking kills people. Smoking harms the health of everybody who smokes, and those exposed to tobacco smoke.

"The advertising, marketing and promotion of tobacco products in all its forms must be stopped for good.

"The introduction of plain packaging will make Australia a world leader in the battle against smoking.

"Plain packaging will send a plain message that smoking is not fashionable," Dr Hambleton said.

Australian Medical Association