Stacy Dow, decided to have an abortion as soon as she realised she was pregnant - she had an abortion, was told no live material remained in her uterus. However, she went on to have twins. One of the babies survived.

Stacy is suing the NHS (National Health Service) for ?250,000.

After her abortion, carried out six weeks into her pregnancy, she still carried on putting weight. Her periods did not come back. She thought this may have been because of the contraceptives she was taking. She went to see her doctor after a few months and was told she was pregnant. What shocked was being told the pregnancy was the original one - the supposedly aborted one.

When the abortion was carried out she was told it had been successful - that there was nothing left in the womb.

She blames the hospital trust for changing her life. She says she was not ready for having a child. She had planned to train as a nurse.

Stacy had the abortion when she was 16. She now has a little 3-year-old girl. The child's father died two years ago.

The NHS says a doctor did check her after the abortion and was satisfied that there were no live materials left in her uterus.