\"There are record numbers of people coming in to buy gym memberships, but after they sign up, you never see them again,\" says Aaron Rafati, Master Personal Trainer of West Hollywood, CA.

However, the problem isn\'t just isolated to Hollywood. Recent studies show that across the nation, more than 80% of the 40 million Americans paying for gym memberships are not using them. The majority of people complain of becoming discouraged because they don\'t know how to properly work out or use the equipment, or can\'t afford the advice of a personal trainer. The result is that more and more Americans are avoiding the gym altogether and are not utilizing the resources they pay for.

As seen on recent reality TV shows, there is a rising trend towards the use of personal trainers. \"I realized that with DVD technology, I would be able to impart a trainer\'s comprehensive knowledge of the gym at a price everyone could afford,\" says Rafati, co-creator of Personal Training Secrets Revealed.

Personal Training Secrets Revealed is a new concept in fitness that serves to educate people on how to achieve the best possible results by properly utilizing all of the equipment and areas in the gym. The first DVD available instructs people on the proper use of free weights for over 50 free weight exercises. The DVD also comes with general guidelines for working out, a 3-week workout plan, a full color exercise chart, and an instructional audio CD that people can take to the gym.

Because it\'s not a typical workout DVD, it allows for endless combinations of exercises and workouts. This program is especially beneficial to females who traditionally are unfamiliar with free weights and the benefits of using them. The program is now available exclusively on the Personal Training Secrets website: http://www.PersonalTrainingSecrets.com.

\"Once you empower people with knowledge, they feel more motivated to work out and the end result is that they change their bodies,\" says Rafati.

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