In the past 15 years, the number of new drug applications on pharmaceuticals in the United States has decreased by half, yet R&D spending has tripled. Pharmaceutical companies have resorted to outsourcing clinical research in order to contain costs.

Our conference will look at how pharmaceutical companies choose a CRO partner based upon their strategy, how sponsor/vendor partnerships have evolved to improve clinical research outcomes, how the quality of a study can be assessed and how sponsors can maintain networks in order to remain in control of the study.

More and more, clinical trials undertaken by pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies are designed as international in scope, which drastically increases the number of risks, liabilities, and legal/regulatory exposures that are inherent to conducting trials. This has affected how companies collaborate with each other in order to sustain profit margins.

Opal Events is pleased to announce the Global Clinical Trials: Preferred CRO Partnerships conference this coming October, which will focus on sponsor/CRO strategic partnerships for collaborative research and development. Issues addressed will allow attendees to:
  • Explore the difference in strategy and scale of CROs
  • Look at how sponsor/vendor partnerships have evolved so that the incentives of both parties are aligned
  • Analyze how to establish networks in order to supervise the quality of the clinical study and overcome the challenges faced by sponsors and CROs
Title: Global Clinical Trials: Preferred CRO Partnerships
Dates: Oct. 1-2, 2012
Venue: Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia
Location: Philadelphia, PA
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