The recent regulatory and much awaited patent law changes have lead the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry towards exploring newer avenues of drug development, thus, promising higher capital investment in the pharmaceutical industry in the near future. The Indian Pharmaceutical Research is backed by strong Government support and availability of surplus skilled technical workers at lower costs.

At a growth rate of 9 per cent per year, the pharmaceutical industry in India is well set for rapid expansion. As a result of the expansion, the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare market is undergoing a spurt of growth in its coverage, services, and spending in the public and private sectors. The healthcare market has opened a window of opportunities in the medical device field and has boosted clinical trials in India.

Many multinational companies have penetrated into India with an aim to market drugs and conduct clinical trails. Thus, Indian pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and outsourcing have received an impetus, thereby, creating an image of a potential healthcare market and a land of opportunities in pharmaceuticals. The economic liberalization policies coming to force in the 1990s and the strong emergence of private sector in the Indian economy has heightened the pace of development of the pharmaceutical industry and will continue to do so.

"Indian Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Market-Annual Review (2005)" presents the latest information on the Indian pharmaceutical research. It highlights the important factors that draw the foreign investors towards the Indian pharmaceutical market to establish themselves. This report is indispensable for the manufacturers, investors and all those involved in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare market to have an in-depth analysis of the business prospects. It interprets the key issues that influence the success of a pharmaceutical company involved in research and development of drugs.

Report Highlights:

- Assessing the market potential and opportunities with pharmaceuticals and drug discovery

- Study of the key economic factors that form the source of revenue growth and opportunities

- Recent and Future trends in Pharmaceutical Investments, by sector and business for F.Y. 2002-2008

- Advantages of conducting clinical trials in India and factors that propel multinational companies to form new business ties with India

- Advantages of outsourcing as a new business maneuver in Pharmaceutical and healthcare Industry

- Continued shifting of business model towards the development of high- value new chemical entities responsible at Indian R&D facilities

- Assessing the Imports and Export of Bulk Drugs, intermediaries and formularies for the F.Y. 2002-2008

- New Pathways in the Indian pharmaceutical research and development.

- Future Outlook and Key Drivers to Market growth

- Analytical Snapshot on the Performance indicator by Key Pharmaceutical Companies in India

This report provides a review of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. It provides an insight into the current market size, developments in pharmaceutical research, challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry as well as the future outlook. Chapter 3 and 4 give the global coverage of the heath care market, growth status across the country, challenges and potential areas along with the total production and consumption of life-saving and generic drugs. Chapter 6 deals with the regulatory matters including the Indian Patent Law. Chapter 7 and 8 present the issue of bio-informatics, e- commerce, and research and development. Chapter 11 provides information on the key players of this industry.

Companies mentioned:

- Apollo Hospitals Company
- Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
- Cipla Ltd.
- Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
- Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
- Nicholas Piramal India Ltd.
- Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
- Wockhardt Ltd.
- Abbott Laboratories India Ltd.
- Burroughs Wellcome India Ltd.
- E-Merck (India) Ltd.
- Glaxo India Ltd.
- Novartis India Ltd.
- Hoechst Marion Roussel Ltd.
- Pfizer Ltd.
- Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd.

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