Oxford Global is pleased to announce the Next Generation Sequencing Data Congress which is taking place on 17th & 18th June 2013 at the CBI Conference Centre in London. Over the 2 days, the congress will provide an overview of the current and innovative methods in which leading scientists analyse, interpret and manage NGS sequence data generated from Genomics and Genetics research.

The event will attract over 150 senior-level decision makers in UK and Europe working in areas such as next generation sequencing data analysis, bioinformatics & data management. It will bring together a unique group of researchers, bioinformaticians, engineers, biostatisticians, and software developers from leading research institutions, diagnostics providers, clinical facilities and pharmaceutical companies.

This prestigious event provides a forum for practitioners and researchers to learn more about key solutions being provided to their industry, analysis of current technologies, network with their peers and address key industry concerns through a series of cutting edge conference presentations in a professional yet relaxed environment.

On day one, from Virginia Commonwealth University, Gregory Buck, Director, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity and Professor, Microbiology and Immunology, will discuss 'Metagenomics Data Anaylsis - Developing a new algorithm for the analysis of whole metagenome shotgun data from microbiome projects'.

There will also be a joint presentation on day one by Michael R. Berthold, Professor, Nycomed Chair for Bioinformatics and Information Mining, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Konstanz, Germany and Knut Reinert, Professor, Chair of Algorithms in Bioinformatics, Institute of Computer Science, Freie University Berlin, Germany. 'The Best of two (Open Source) Worlds: SeqAn and KNIME'. In this talk Professor Berthold and Professor Reinert will present the integration of SeqAn into KNIME. SeqAn is the most efficient open source library for NGS data analysis and KNIME is the number 1 rated open source data processing, analysis and visualization platform. A short introduction to both tools will be given and then they will illustrate the power of this combination using an example from metagenomics analysis. An excellent presentation, not to be missed.

Day one will also see Paul Wilson, Computational Biology, GlaxoSmithKline Medicine Research Centre, UK, discussing 'A Comparison of the Open Source Tophat Algorithm with the Licenced Software's Array Studio and CLC Bio to analyse a Human RNAseq Dataset'.

On day 2 Guy Cochrane, Team Leader European Nucleotide Archive team, EBI will be discussing 'scaling a Sequence Data Repository: Compression and Other Approaches'.

Over 40 speakers will present at the two events.

To see the full conference agenda click here.

The standard fees to attend for the two days are:
Industry (Pharmaceutical): £799+VAT
Academic: £499+VAT
Service Providers £1299+VAT

There are discounts available. Please email d.meredith@oxfordglobal.co.uk or call +44 (0)1865 248455 today for an Early Bird Registration Discount. Spaces are limited and we expect passes to be taken very quickly.