As temperatures and smog levels rise, people with asthma have been advised by experts to take simple precautions to control their symptoms.

\'Over 80% of people with asthma find air pollution makes their asthma symptoms worse,\' said Asthma UK Chief Medical Adviser Professor Martyn Partridge. \'This is of particular concern during the summer months when ground level ozone increases.

\'There are a number of ways in which people with asthma can minimise the effects of pollution this summer:

-- Keep a daily check on pollution levels. Air quality information is broadcast daily in newspapers and in television and radio weather reports. Increase your preventative medicines (brown/orange/red inhaler) if your symptoms seems to be getting worse, in consultation with your doctor.

-- Try to avoid exercising outdoors especially in the afternoon.

-- Keep a close eye on your condition by monitoring your peak flow regularly.

-- Contact your doctor if you are worried about any aspect of your asthma.

-- Call the Asthma UK Adviceline for advice on 08457 01 02 03.

Asthma UK nurse specialist Karen Newell also had this advice for people with asthma during the heatwave: \'It is important to use a written personal asthma plan, which helps you maintain control of your symptoms and tells you what to do when your asthma gets worse,\' she explained.

\'If your doctor or nurse has not given you a plan ask them to develop one for you, or you can download one from this website using the link below. The asthma plan will show you how to control your symptoms by adjusting your asthma medication yourself to prevent pollution or other factors from worsening your asthma.\'

Download a personal asthma action plan

Email an asthma nurse specialist