A recent study from RTI International found that a tobacco-cessation media campaign urging Florida smokers to use telephone quitlines and Web-based cessation services led to an increase in weekly use of cessation services.

During 35 months, 141,221 tobacco users registered for cessation services through the Florida Quitline, and 53,513 registered through Web Coach. Researchers found that an increase in 100 weekly media-market-level target-rating points - a measure of the exposure of a target audience to an advertisement - was associated with an increase of seven weekly Florida Quitline registrants and two Web Coach registrants in an average media market.

Researchers note that sustained, state-sponsored media can increase the number of registrants to telephone quitlines and Web-based cessation services, and that federally funded media campaigns can further increase the reach of state-sponsored cessation services.

Article: The Impact of a State-Sponsored Mass Media Campaign on Use of Telephone Quitline and Web-Based Cessation Services, Jennifer C. Duke, RTI International, Preventing Chronic Disease, published 24 December 2014.