Aterica, a digital health company, announces Veta™, the world's first anaphylaxis and food allergy support system for individuals and their families. This smart case for EpiPen® and corresponding app work together to connect loved ones and caregivers to people living with life-threatening allergies, resulting in increased freedom, security and confidence for both users and caregivers.

Veta™ smart case replaces the stock EpiPen® case and introduces a number of critical support features. The smart case incorporates electronics and sensors that integrate with a cloud-enabled mobile app infrastructure to ensure peace of mind for EpiPen® users, their families, and their extended support network. Veta™ provides a way to easily locate a misplaced EpiPen®, receive out-of-proximity alerts when the user is separated from his or her EpiPen®, integrates sensors to help monitor temperature shifts that could affect integrity of epinephrine, provides immediate emergency notifications to those in the user's support networks, provides life-saving verbal alerts so bystanders understand and act in an emergency, and much more.

"It's not just about Veta's™ rapid response and notifications during an anaphylactic event; it's also about the ongoing monitoring of EpiPen® location, expiration dates and extreme temperatures," says Dr. Harold Kim, allergy and clinical immunologist. "All of these elements work together to provide a comprehensive and interactive system of protection."

Veta™ smart case works together with the Veta™ app to provide users with an extra measure of real-time connected support that hasn't been available before. The app runs on iPhone® and Android™ smartphones, Wi-Fi enabled tablets and iPod® devices supporting Bluetooth® Smart. In addition to the features provided in connectivity with the Veta™ smart case, the Veta™ app also provides one-click access to your private and extended community support networks and emergency response, video and training materials on correct use of your EpiPen®, and helpful resources such as safe shopping lists, open pharmacy locations and nearest hospitals.

"Now that my son is in high school, it's up to him to manage his anaphylaxis. I need to know he is safe, but I have to give him his independence," says Nikki Payne, mother of 14 year old son with severe food allergies. "With Veta™, I'll know that he has his auto-injector with him and won't have to worry. Veta™ won't replace our vigilance, but it will give us an extra level of support and assurance."