With summer approaching, motorists are being warned to make sure they stay well hydrated - as newly released consumer research shows only one in five of us have a drink before getting behind the wheel.

The new research was undertaken in response to a study released earlier this year, conducted by Loughborough University and published in journal Physiology and Behaviour, which revealed that dehydrated drivers make the same number of mistakes as drink drivers.

With the Loughborough University study showing that even mild dehydration is equivalent to being over the drink driving limit in terms of driver errors, experts are concerned that drivers who are not hydrated could be risking not only their own safety and that of their passengers, but also other drivers on the road and members of the public.

Now, the European Hydration Institute, which funded the study, is keen to offer its advice for drivers to ensure we all remain safe on the roads. Watch this video to get clued up.