A new analysis of UK workers reveals that certain occupations may increase the risk of bladder cancer.

After analyzing 25 articles, investigators found that the greatest risk of developing bladder cancer occurred in workers within the chemical, rubber, and dye industries. In contrast, the greatest risk of death from bladder cancer was in electrical, chemical, and transport workers. Such deaths were also higher in the North of England, probably reflecting smoking patterns and industrial distributions.

"This work highlights that some workers are exposed to chemicals that may cause a variety of cancers, including those in the bladder. We have identified various occupations that may benefit from occupational health advice and public health measures," said Dr. James Catto, senior author of the BJU International article.

Article: The contemporary landscape of occupational bladder cancer within the United Kingdom: A meta-analysis of risks over the last 80 years, Marcus G Cumberbatch, Ben Windsor Shellard and James WF Catto, BJU International, doi: 10.1111/bju.13561, published online 22 June 2016.