Dr. Andreas Jeromin, Chief Medical Officer at Quanterix Corporation will be presenting the company's latest single-molecule array technology (Simoa) for the detection of CNS biomarkers. This latest technology will be one of the many innovative highlights at the 7th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference, taking place May 24-25, 2017 in Washington, DC. For more information on the conference, visit: http://www.tbiconference.com.

Quanterix Corporation's single-molecule array technology, Simoa, is changing the way health and disease can be studied by clinical researchers in a non-biased method. This technology has been successfully applied in a number of CNS biomarker applications, including concussion. Dr. Jeromin was recently part of a study showing acute plasma tau could inform return-to-play (RTP) in concussed athletes using Simoa.

Simoa's robotic hands mix the blood samples with magnetic beads covered in a tau-binding antibody, which causes tau to stick. These samples then become digitized by another robotic arm, which researchers can then analyze to determine how much tau protein is in the blood sample. This ground-breaking technology provides an objective test to determine whether a concussion occurred or not.

Dr. Jeromin will be presenting data pertaining to the recent applications of Simoa in determining concussions, as well as future uses and goals at the 7th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference. For more information, visit: www.quanterix.com.

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