Small molecule formulation development represents a crucial area within the pharmaceutical R&D pipeline. The industry is keen to learn more about advanced formulation development strategies and approaches to move the industry forward. Oxford Global are offering a unique opportunity to participate in a free webinar on the chances and challenges for formulation development for API physical form selection where such burning questions will be answered as to improve solubility or rather dissolution rate and many more.

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API Physical Form Selection: Chances vs Challenges For Formulation Development

  • Fundamentals of solid-state selection: polymorphs, hydrates, salts et alii
  • Solid-state selection: are we improving solubility or rather dissolution rate?
  • Stability aspects: the bad conscience of solid-state selection
  • Practical examples to illustrate opportunities and challenges of different solid-state forms
  • Salt formation: not always such a straightforward task
  • Co-crystals: just flavour of the month or something more substantial?
  • Metastable polymorphs: always a no-go?
  • Hydrates and solvates: why hydrate forms can be re-commendable and solvates should be avoided
  • Amorphous forms: a beast on their own

Benefits of downloading this webinar:

  • Learn more about the fundamentals of solid-state selection and discuss its challenges
  • Hear case studies serving as examples of the opportunities and challenges of different solid -state forms
  • Gain valuable insights into the stability aspects

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