The Conference Forum is pleased to announce the launch of Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO), which will take place on April 4, 2017 in Boston, MA. This half-day event is designed to help bring clinical research closer to patients and patients closer to clinical trials.

"Transforming clinical trials into a care option is arguably the most important change that can be made in bringing patients closer to clinical research," says Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, The Conference Forum. "Higher rates of clinical trial participation within a health system produce better patient outcomes, lower cost of care and happier patients. Health systems and patients get access to the latest research, while pharma gets access to more patients in need of clinical research options. We are really thrilled to present the first public program that brings clinical trial executives together with hospital system executives to bridge a much needed gap."

Led by Co-Chairs Jeff James of Wilmington Health and Katherine Vandebelt of Eli Lilly & Company, CRAACO opens with keynote speaker sessions on bridging healthcare to life science and vice versa. Additional discussions cover transitioning from research to care by reviewing data and exploring care pathways to increase research participation within the value-based healthcare system, and using clinical research as a counter measure in conjunction with their Accountable Care Organization to drive towards value.

Further sessions include how value-based health care delivery can improve value for patients by improving processes and reducing costs without sacrificing outcomes, and how life science organizations can create value from data science in ways that are technical and organizational, which aligns incentives and make it easier for physicians to conduct clinical research, improve data quality, and preserve patient safety.

"Patients almost never learn about clinical research from their physicians unless their physicians are directly engaged in clinical trials," says Katherine Vandebelt. "The value of integrating clinical research into the overall continuum of care is often lost on health care organizations. In this meeting, we address how to bridge the gap and overcome many of the obstacles."