Schizophrenia remains a mystery for many patients and doctors, but in his new book Schizophrenia: The Bearded Lady Disease (now available through AuthorHouse), J. Michael Mahoney offers evidence for a theory that would not only explain the cause of this particular ailment, but the root cause of all functional mental illness.

Mahoney has spent 40 years investigating this theory about mental dysfunction. In this collection of 639 quotations from psychologists, patients and the biographers of famous schizophrenics throughout history, he outlines the theory that severe, unconscious bisexual conflict and gender confusion are the primary causes of all mental illness. He draws from the writings of other doctors who believed that such gender identity crises sparked abnormalities in the brain, and their opinions, in addition to the dozens of other ideas, provide "unshakeable truth" to this hypothesis.

"This is a fixed law of nature, unassailable and constantly operative in every case," Mahoney writes. "No other species but man is afflicted with mental illness because no other species has either the intellectual power to repress their sexual feelings, nor the motivation to do so."

He writes that the term "schizophrenia" is an arbitrary name given to designate the end-stage of a process beginning with slight neurosis. All neurosis is caused by this sexual confusion and becomes more pronounced depending on the severity of the bisexual conflict and gender disharmony. A fascinating glimpse inside the minds of schizophrenics through the lens of this unique theory, Schizophrenia: The Bearded Lady Disease examines this hypothesis in a complete collection of ideas from experts who have made it their life's work.

Mahoney spent his career as a journalist in Ohio and Georgia. He also worked as a foreign correspondent in Africa. While working in Georgia, he developed an interest in psychology. After his early retirement, he began research for Schizophrenia: The Bearded Lady Disease. Judith Walker, the artist who painted the original work on the book's cover, studied at Sarah Lawrence College and now lives in Paris.

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