Banyu Pharmaceutical and Maruho Co., Ltd. have announced that an additional indication of Stromectol Tablets 3mg - generic name ivermectin - has been approved for the administration for scabies treatment in the Nippon Health Insurance (NHI) system, alleviating patients\' burden to pay for the drug from themselves.

Banyu retains approval for the manufacturing and marketing Stromectol in Japan, but has transfered sales rights to Maruho.

Stromectol joins with glutamatergic chloride ion channels, increasing the permeability of the cell membrane to chloride ions which kills parasites. Presently, no effective oral drug has been introduced to treat scabies, so the addition of oral drug Stromectol Tablets 3mg, has been encouraged by the health industry in Japan.

By Chris Lui, JCN Staff Writer

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