Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has announced its recent discovery that skin whitening power made with turmeric is four times as strong as that made with the conventional arbutin.

The company conducted two clinical trials using cultured cells to find out how effective turmeric is in reducing melanin on suntanned human skin.

According to the trials, turmeric applied to cultured melanocytes was found to cut melanin-producing receptor modules by 60%. A test using cultured human skin cells was found to reduce melanin production by 40%. Another test using skin tonic with turmeric resulted in faster recovery of suntanned skin.

Naris has already filed a patent application and will announce its findings at a meeting of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), being held from October 16-19 in Osaka.

By Aki Tsukioka, JCN Staff Writer

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