According to Jerry Hill, owner of Alexandria-based CrossFit Challenge, the exercises and workouts shown in the Spartan training Yahoo video can be adapted for your own personal indoor workout. "Unless you have a CrossFit training facility in your home town that's equipped like Gym Jones, the opportunity to duplicate the 300 Spartan training workout and its results will be lost," Hill said. "We can easily make appropriate substitutions for an indoor gym workout, and get the same results the actors did through functional and intense workouts."

Click here to see the video - then scroll down and click on "Spartan Training".

Inspired to make use of the exercises featured in the video Hill has suggested a few modifications for most indoor gym workouts: "Tractor tire flip will become a Kettlebell swing, Jumping in and out of tractor tire will become a barrier jump, Resistance band sprint will become a Jumping lunge, and Medicine ball partner throws will become a Medicine ball thruster." Hill further states that eight more of the exercises can be performed as is in most gyms; Ring Pushup, Dip, Pull-up, Suitcase carry, Bear Crawl, Sit-up, Side plank and Knee's to elbow.

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Hill states that his most successful workouts are short, intense, and theme based (fun!). He developed the following 4 workouts based on the style of training he saw the actors go through in preparing for the movie 300 Spartans:

1. A 300 Workout:
Jumping lunge x 10 (each leg)
Ring Pushup x 10
Knee's to elbow x 10
repeat for 10 rounds, keep track of total time

2. Spartan Staple workout:
Sit-up x 25
Kettlebell Swing x 20
Barrier Jump x 15
Dips x 10
Pull-up x 5
As many rounds as you can in 30 minutes

3. Aerobics Studio turned arena workout:
Wall Ball x 20 (Full squat with medicine ball and throw to a 9-10 foot target)
Suitcase carry (walk at a fast clip with two heavy dumbbells to one end of the room and back)
Bear Crawl (to one end of the room and back)
repeat for 5 rounds, keep track of total time

4. Short, Sweet, and solid to the core workout:
Side plank left x 20 seconds
Side plank right x 20 seconds
Pushup x 20 seconds
repeat for as many rounds as you can without letting your knees touch the ground

Jerry Hill is a Fitness Camp expert. He coaches CrossFit classes in Old Town Alexandria VA.