A first of its kind study out of Albany, New York reported that patients recovering from post-operative breast surgeries show a dramatic improvement in scar healing and appearance after using an emu oil based treatment, Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy, when compared with the most commonly used over-the-counter treatment. The study also reported that 100 percent of the patients not only showed improvement to their scar healing compared to the leading scar therapy product, but also requested changing over to Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy exclusively.

The study was conducted by Jerome Chao, M.D., a nationally known Harvard, Columbia and Northwestern University educated plastic surgeon who is an Assistant Professor of Surgery and the Director of Plastic Surgery Trauma at the Albany Medical College.

"Last year, millions of scars resulted from accidents, surgeries, bites and burns," said Dr. Chao. "This study is good news because it clinically shows that Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy is an effective all-natural alternative treatment for reducing the inflammation and redness from scars."

The pilot study of patients who recently had breast surgery was conducted by a blinded examiner, and compared Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy versus the most commonly used over-the-counter product, which is based on onion extract. Both the examiner and 100 percent of the patients concluded that Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy was vastly superior in improving the appearance of their scars.

"The results were so overwhelming in favor of Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy, we actually concluded the pilot study early," said Dr. Chao, "and we immediately initiated a longer-term Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved study." The IRB approved study, which is the gold standard of university-based clinical research, has already been approved and is currently underway, Dr. Chao said.

"There are so many unproven and untested scar therapy products on the market, it's no wonder those suffering from a scar are confused and frustrated," Dr. Chao said. "This pilot study gives those people confidence and clinical proof that Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy will actually help them heal."

Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy is the first scar therapy to harness the curative and anti-inflammatory powers of emu oil through a proprietary and scientific process that refines and enhances the oil's natural ability to easily and effectively penetrate the skin to heal scars, cuts, burns and animal bites. After centuries of use by Australian aborigines for treating wounds, bites, burns and damage caused by the sun, emu oil has been recently discovered and proven by scientists to be one of the most effective natural healing treatments for skin. The oil's rare concentration of Omega 3 Omega 6, and Omega 9 essential fatty acids are a proven natural healing agent for skin. Because the oil's composition so closely mimics our skin's natural chemistry, it is easily absorbed and its nutrients are immediately placed into circulation.

Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy is the only scar therapy on the market that has been clinically tested and widely recommended by physicians for its scar reducing properties. In fact, numerous leading physicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have tested and are now recommending Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy as the best treatment for scars.

Moreover, Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy is the only scar therapy on the market that is all natural. There are no chemical additives -- only organic Vitamin E is added as a preservative. Because it is all natural and hypoallergenic, Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy doesn't leave a residue or cause irritation to the skin, as do many of the ointments that use silicone as a base ingredient. Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy is safe for use by the entire family and has no known side effects.

Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy is now widely available for patients suffering from scars caused by wounds, burns, bites and post-operative surgery.

About Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy

Developed in conjunction with Jerome D. Chao, MD, a board certified Plastic Surgeon from NY, Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy offers a unique alternative to current scar creams and silicone based liquid solutions. Transdermis(TM) Scar Therapy targets the source of scar formation with revolutionary patent pending refined emu oil which is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of this all natural ingredient, combined with an enhanced processing technology, has created an effective and well tolerated topical scar serum unlike anything on the market today. For more information go to http://www.transdermis.com.

Transdermis Scar Therapy