Modern Plastics has added medical grade PMMA, a biocompatible, cast acrylic rod and sheet to its line of medical grade plastics.

Intended applications include implantable intraocular lenses, custom orthotics as well as spacers for orthopedic prostheses. Biocompatibility studies were performed by an independent laboratory using Good Laboratory Procedure (GLP) regulations. This information is supported by certified results of extensive clinical scientific data.

Modern Plastics is a distributor for Spartech Polycast, which manufactures medical grade PMMA cast acrylic products for the medical device community using Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

"Modern Plastics is the nation's leading technical expert and supplier of advanced medical grade plastics. Medical grade PMMA fits well into our already diverse line of materials intended for surgical device manufacturing, short and long term implantables, and orthopedic devices," said David Altieri, vice president of sales and marketing at Modern Plastics.

Founded in 1945, Modern Plastics, led by Company President Bing J. Carbone, meets the challenging requirements of its customers by setting new industry standards with faster computer technology, ISO 9001:2000 certifications, material bar coding and complete traceability, lot and batch certification of all plastic materials, huge expansions of inventory and product lines, Kaizen management programs, and rigid quality control standards.