Herpes is a virus and the two main types of this virus are simplex 1 (HSV1) which generally infects the mouth causing cold sores and simplex 2 (HSV2) which usually infects the genital tract causing genital sores. The different herpes infections have become very common diseases with a large number of people experiencing one or other in their life times. There are about 100 million recurring infections of simplex 1 annually and 45 million who have the simplex 2 infection in the US alone. Herpes infects the nerve cells of the spinal cord. It is very important to treat outbreaks and a healing natural product is helpful here.

Cold sores (usually caused by simplex 1) are normally preceded by a tingling sensation and redness in the area where the cold sore will appear. The cold sore will start to form as very small blisters or groups of blisters. The cold sore then becomes a noticeable red sore followed by painful blisters which are very contagious. As the cold sore starts to heal, a brown scab may form. If this scab cracks open it may bleed. In the final stages, the cold sore goes from brown to yellow. The whole cycle takes about 10 days.

Genital sores (usually caused by simplex 2) often appear first as a rash followed by painful and itchy blisters on the affected areas such as the anus, buttocks, penis, scrotum, vulva, vagina or buttocks. These blisters can then turn into painful ulcers. The herpes virus, which is sexually transmitted, can lie dormant in your system for many years without any outbreaks, or occasional outbreaks or you can have frequent outbreaks. Sometimes before an outbreak, you may have some warning signs such as a tingling, burning or itching feeling in the areas where the sores will later appear. Herpes will always have the same symptoms for each outbreak but the first outbreak will be the worst so although the symptoms seem to stay the same, the actual pain and number of sores should lesson each time an outbreak occurs.

Someone who suffers from herpes either in the mouth or the genital tract will learn to recognize the start of an outbreak by the warning tingling sensation in the area to be affected.

Babies and small children are very susceptible to both herpes viruses. The simplex 1 virus is usually contracted when someone is very young and it is spread in saliva or mucus that comes from the nose and mouth. In most cases of simplex 1, the virus lies dormant until the teen years or older. It is important to protect your baby or young child from picking up the cold sore virus in the first place. If a newborn baby contracts the simplex 2 virus infection, it can cause meningitis, seizures and brain damage or even death. The name given to this herpes is neonatal herpes. In most cases, it is transmitted when the baby comes into contact with the virus in the birth canal during delivery. So a pregnant mother with genital herpes is monitored very carefully during her pregnancy and labor to avoid such a transmission to her newborn baby. Amoils offers all natural treatments for common afflictions and ailments using essential oils. Visit our herpes page for more information.