A second porn star has tested positive for HIV as the California porn industry halts, so far Darren James and Lara Roxx have tested positive (Lara is the second one to test positive). Both actors have worked together. The Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM) confirmed both tests came back positive.

AIM has quarantined the actors who have been directly or indirectly in physical contact with these actors (indirectly means they had sex with someone who had sex with someone?.etc).

The Southern Californian porn industry employs about 1,200 actors/actresses and earns about $10 billion a year. The whole industry has shut down for sixty days until they can find out how many actors are infected.

Both actors are the first ones to test positive for HIV since 1999.

Some experts are saying that the virus may have originated in Brazil where James had been working on a film earlier on this year.

Apparently, in only 19% of their sex scenes do they wear a condom.