For the first time in history it is possible to tell the gender of your unborn child as early as eight weeks into your pregnancy without having to wait for a 22 week scan. The Pink or Blue® test is carried out by the expectant mother at home and the results are available within a week.

Based on the recent discovery that foetal DNA is present in the mother's blood by the sixth week of pregnancy, the Pink or Blue® test detects male specific DNA from the foetus, so if it is present the baby is a boy, if it is not the baby is a girl.

Once the test is ordered, a blood spot collection kit is sent directly to the expectant mother. A few drops of her blood are collected onto a special filter paper from a finger prick, the filter paper is then sent to the lab in a prepaid envelope. Results are released to the expectant mother within four working days if using the express service, and six working days if using the standard service. An accuracy of better than 98% is expected provided all the collection criteria are met.

"The Pink or Blue® test is based on solid science and cutting edge technology provided by Consumer Genetics, our American partner." said a representative of DNA Europe. "This test is the most sensitive available and is extremely specific and we guarantee absolute quality and confidentiality. The Pink or Blue® test is solely for the analysis of gender, and will not provide any other medical information."

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