A proprietary high quality formulation of the Peruvian herb Maca has recently been shown to fight the cause of menopause, by balancing the body's key hormones with an all-natural, homeostatic approach.

Natural Health International's (NHI) Maca-GO™ or Femmenessence™ is the only scientifically and clinically proven Maca product on the market that significantly reduces menopausal symptoms and improves hormone levels.

"Beating menopause is all about controlling rapid hormonal fluctuations during peri menopause and reversing the body's reduced production of all hormones, not just one or two, during post menopause," said Jan Roberts B. Pharm, Clinical Nutritionist and best selling author. "And, NHI's Femmenessence™ MacaPause product for post menopause and Femmenessence™ MacaLife™ for peri menopause specifically targets the different needs of women at these diverse stages of menopause."

The Women's Health Initiative (WHI Study) found that Hormone Therapy (HT or HRT) can lead to an increased risk of developing serious health problems such as stroke and breast cancer. Many women have been seeking a safe, natural alternative to HT since the release of the WHI findings with limited success.

While natural alternatives like soy, red clover and black cohosh may reduce some symptoms, their effects on actual hormone levels have not been significantly demonstrated. Since reduced hormone levels after menopause directly relate to a woman's susceptibility to heart disease, osteoporosis, and cognitive function, many doctors and women are turning back to hormone therapies in an attempt to avert these life-threatening conditions.

Femmenessence™ (Maca-GO™) offers women and mainstream medicine a natural, safe alternative that works. Five years of published clinical trials and research on Femmenessence™ reveal an 84% success rate in reduction of menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings, etc.), increased bone density, enhanced absorption of iron, calcium and other trace elements, and a better ability to maintain a healthy weight, optimal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

"Femmenessence™ does not introduce synthetic, animal or plant hormones into the body, rather it works through the body, stimulating the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands to support and balance the body's own production of key hormones such as FSH, Estrogen and Progesterone," explained Dr. Henry Meissner, Head of Research and Development at NHI.

NHI's three Femmenessence products are designed to help women at different stages of life: Femmenessence™ MacaPause™ is designed to help women deal with the symptoms of post menopause as well as to reverse the loss of hormone production and support heart, bone and mental health throughout the second fifty years of life. Femmenessence™ MacaLife™ is designed to reduce symptoms associated with peri menopause and the fluctuation of hormones during this stage, and Femmenessence™ MacaHarmony is for younger women to support hormone balance, critical for fertility and PMS.

"Femmenessence™ is proving to be the only serious alternative to hormone therapies, for women looking for a natural alternative," stated Roberts

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