Sir Bobby Robson, who used to be manager of the England football team, has launched the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trial and Research Centre, a charitable foundation aimed at combating cancer. Sir Bobby, who was first diagnosed with cancer in 1991, said his aim is to raise £500,000 (about $1 million).

The new research centre is being built at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle (England). It will concentrate on early cancer detection and treatment, as well as carrying out clinical trials on new medications. It will have dedicated research facilities, as well as a 12 bed unit.

“I have had cancer five times now but I have had a wonderful life and I feel lucky to be alive. I owe my life to the people who have cared for me and treated me during the last 15 years in which I have had the disease. I think I might be remembered for what I did in football. But the legacy I would like to leave behind is what I tried to do to help people with cancer live longer,” Sir Bobby said.

Football celebrities were present at the launch, including Bob Wilson (ex-Arsenal goalkeeper), Des Lynham and Jim Rosenthal (TV presenters).

Sir Bobby Robson and Cancer

— Sir Bobby Robson was diagnosed with cancer in 1991. He has been diagnosed with cancer five separate times during his life and has undergone several operations.

— During the 1995-1996 football season he had to miss work as manager of Porto for some months when he developed malignant melanoma.

— In 2006 he was operated on for a brain tumor – he suffered some swelling in the brain, and according to Sky Sports News, experienced some loss of feeling in his left side. In October 2006 doctors said he was cancer-free.

— On May 7th 2007 Robson announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer (for the 5th time).

Apart from being manager of the England team, he was also manager of Fulham, Ipswich Town, PSV Einghoven, Sporting Clube de Portugal, F.C. Porto, FC Barcelona, and Newcastle United.

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Written by – Christian Nordqvist