Today, in a follow up to a SARS-like virus recently treated in the UK, the World Health Organization reports that no new cases due to infection with this novel coronavirus have been accounted for.

Working closely with representatives from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, the WHO has a better understanding of the public health risk from the novel coronavirus.

With careful analysis of the information gained thus far, the novel coronavirus cannot be easily spread from person-to-person.

Because of the fatality of the two reported cases, the WHO will continue to watch the current situation in order to ensure a suitable and timely response and support to all countries involved.

The origin of the virus is still unknown.

Quick progress has been made in distinguishing the novel coronavirus and in the development of specific and detailed diagnostic evaluations. WHO is teaming up with partner laboratories to make these accessible as soon as possible. They expect the initial batch of reagents, as well as information and testing algorithms, will be tested shortly.

National Health Authorities can contact the laboratories that are performing the tests for the novel coronavirus infection of patients under examination.

No trade or travel restrictions have been made by the WHO for Qatar and Saudi Arabia because of the novel coronavirus infections.

The WHO’s recommendations to its 194 member states says health workers should be alert to anyone with acute respiratory syndrome and needing hospitalization who had been in the Middle East where the virus was found or in contact with a suspected or confirmed case within the last 10 days.

Written by Kelly Fitzgerald