September has settled outside the Medical News Today office, and that distinct autumnal chill is in the air. It’s typically this time of year, when the haphazard rush of summer gives way to fall’s introspection, that I sense a mental shift.

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Autumn is here. Time to enjoy the change of weather and focus on yourself.

It’s one that moves from an upward, external energy to an internal focus. I therefore found it interesting that many of the top articles on our website this month reflected this shift in our readers. You have become curious about self-care in September.

More specifically, you were most interested in diet and brain health. How, for example, can the keto diet increase memory and reduce mortality? And how do you keep your brain healthy as you age? Your inquiring minds wanted to know.

I’m surrounded by a quirky, inquisitive group of editors and journalists in the office 5 days per week, so I asked them what they’ve been doing recently for their own mental and physical well-being.

As per usual, I got some…interesting…answers, which included playing piano, meditating, playing football, “having a nice wee jog” (that particular editor thinks he’s Scottish), and drinking a glass of wine.

Other answers included singing in the shower each morning, reading quotes, being creative, watching bloopers from the TV show Friends, gardening, listening to sad music (“it’s important to embrace sadness from time to time”), and feeding the ducks.

My favorite response from one of the editors, however, was this:

I’ve got my cats for my mental health, which was working until they flooded the house!”

I now understand why she was asking whether anybody in the office had a dehumidifier that she could borrow.

Our curiosity led us to investigate how to lose subcutaneous fat and how to prevent kidney stones through diet. You were also quite keen to learn how to unclog your ears at home and how to use apple cider vinegar for hair growth.

What does all of this tell me about you? Well, as the winds are changing, you’re focusing on yourself and your health, and this is a life-long investment that will continue to give back.

And the good news is that looking after your health isn’t all broccoli and spinach; our resident scientist investigated why chocolate is good for your gut.

What else sparks your curiosity when it comes to looking after yourself? Let us know and we’ll get on the case for you. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

I’ll be back in October with more updates from our editorial team. Until then, enjoy the delights of autumn as this wonderful season begins to unfold before you.

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