What does it mean to know thyself? In ancient Greece, this was an important adage that philosophers and statesmen put at the forefront of their society. To know thyself was the first step in understanding human nature, they believed.

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Who are we? We’re scientists, journalists, and wordsmiths. But today, we’re witches, animals, and lion tamers.

Today is Halloween — a day of wearing masks. This got me thinking about the invisible ones that we mostly wear during the other days of the year. To know yourself physically, mentally, or even spiritually is a form of unmasking. Knowledge is power, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

But firstly, who are we? The Medical News Today editorial team consists of 17 wise souls, many of whom are scientists, journalists, and wordsmiths (although today, many of them are witches, animals, and lion tamers).

Collectively, we are the number 12 health website in the world (but watch this space — we will crack the top 10 shortly). Most importantly, we are curious. We’re curious about how the body works, and we’re fascinated by the science behind it.

This curiosity has prompted us to come out with weekly “factoids,” posted on our social media channels. We were frequently yelling interesting facts that we’d uncover in our work across the office, so we decided to share them with you.

For example, did you know that if you unraveled all of the DNA in your body, it would reach to the sun and back more than 300 times? Fascinating!

What else is fascinating and mysterious? How about the female orgasm — a topic that our resident scientist explored and that you were eager to read about.

Interestingly, a professor quoted in this article revealed that the “keys to achieving more frequent female orgasms were identified […] as being in the mind and in the relationship.” This is yet another example of the power in knowing yourself.

You were also curious about why women tend to avoid sex as they age and how black tea boosts weight loss by altering gut bacteria.

Some of the scientific breakthroughs we reported on this month included the discovery of a new Parkinson’s disease-causing mechanism and an allergy drug that has the potential to reverse multiple sclerosis.

In terms of self-care, you wanted to know most about the health benefits of turmeric tea, the benefits of armpit detoxification, and the health merits of brown versus white rice.

As today is Halloween, however, and candy will likely be in abundance, I’ll leave you with a more modern adage that I think the ancient Greeks would nevertheless support:

Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Oscar Wilde

Is there anything that you’re curious about health-wise? If so, let us know, and we’ll help you on your journey to knowing yourself. Don’t forget to find us on Twitter and Facebook for more fascinating factoids.

Have a very safe and very happy Halloween, from all of us at MNT.

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