A trial carried out by Dr. Eric Finzi and Dr. Erika Wasserman found that treating clinically depressed patients with botox on the frown lines of their faces actually got rid of their depression.

In their abstract report, found in the journal Dermatologic Surgery, the researchers indicate that major depression is a common and serious disease. Major depression is sometime resistant to drug therapy and psychotherapeutic treatment approaches.

In this trial, the researchers wanted to evaluate how effective Botulinim Toxin A treatment of glabellar frown lines might be for patients with major depression. They used a small open pilot trial.

They selected ten patients who had ongoing major depression despite drug and psychotherapeutic treatment. They were evaluated with the Beck Depression Inventory II (BDI-II) before receiving botox treatment on their frown lines.

Two months after the botox treatment, all ten patients were re-evaluated clinically and with the BDI-II.

Nine patients were no longer depressed two months after botox treatment on their frown lines. One patient experienced no improvement in mood.

The researchers concluded that botox treatment on frown lines may be an effective treatment for patients with major depression who have not responded to routine pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic treatment approaches.

Dr. Finzi has applied for a patent for this treatment for depression.

Link to Abstract in Dermatologic Surgery Journal

Written by: Christian Nordqvist
Editor: Medical News Today