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Several meal delivery brands offer low sodium options, including Veestro, Magic Kitchen, and Fresh n’ Lean. Low sodium meal deliveries enable people following specific diets the freedom to enjoy healthful meals at home.

In this article, we discuss why a low sodium diet is healthy and explore delivery services offering low sodium meal plans.

Nearly all foods contain some amounts of sodium. However, whole foods have lower levels than processed foods. As a result, many low sodium meal delivery options are plant-based or contain a high proportion of vegetables and whole grains.

Similar to other meal delivery services, low sodium options include meal kits of prepared ingredients or ready meals that simply need heating up.

If a person consumes too much sodium in their diet, it can lead to high blood pressure and other health complications. Following a low sodium diet may help reduce blood pressure while yielding other health benefits.

Some health professionals suggest people often underestimate the benefits of a low sodium diet. They say that more research is needed to understand fully how this diet positively affects the body.

For general guidance, adults should consume no more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium per day — the equivalent of 1 teaspoon.

Black people, those over 50 years of age, and people living with hypertension, should not consume more than 1,500 mg of sodium per day to avoid health complications.

A person with high sodium levels in their body can trigger or exacerbate certain conditions, including:

A low sodium diet may help:

  • Reduce blood pressure: One review observed that when people reduced their salt intake for at least 4 weeks, those with high and normal blood pressure experienced a reduction in blood pressure.
  • Reduce the risk of stroke: A meta-analysis suggested that lower sodium intake reduces the risk of stroke and fatal coronary disease in adults.

Please note that no one at Medical News Today, including the writer, has tried these meal delivery brands. All information is research-based.

People who follow a vegan diet or wish to eat more plant-based meals can also benefit from low sodium meal deliveries.

Learn more about a vegan diet here.


This meal delivery service includes plant-based options that arrive pre-prepared, which cuts down on cooking times.

The meals contain organic ingredients, with three plans to choose from: A la carte, chef’s choice, or weight loss.

Veestro is available for purchase online.

Some older adults may not like cooking or do not have the time. For those following a low sodium diet, several meal delivery options may be suitable.

Magic Kitchen

With Magic Kitchen, people can choose from a variety of meal plans. They can build their own plan from a la carte options, or choose from set menus. Magic Kitchen also offer hospital discharge meals, long-term care meals, and other specialty meal delivery options.

Magic Kitchen is available for purchase online.

Silver Cuisine

Silver Cuisine is a meal delivery service for older adults. The meals are chef-prepared and ready to eat. Alternatively, people can store them in the freezer for later. In addition to low sodium meals, the company also offer specialized meal plans for people with diabetes or celiac disease.

Silver Cuisine is available for purchase online.

These meal delivery services have a range of choices for people on a gluten-free diet.

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean meals are ready to eat and only require heating up. Most meals contain less than 140 mg of sodium per 100 g, while all their options are gluten-free, with two vegan plans also available.

Fresh n’ Lean is available for purchase online.

People seeking weight-loss meal deliveries should look for nutritionally balanced, filling, and low calorie meals.

Two meal delivery options include:


This is a subscription-free service, so people do not need to commit to Balance plans. The meals are ready to eat and only need heating up. Balance also sell a range of snacks for eating in-between meals.

In addition to low sodium meals, Balance offer options for people with celiac disease and diabetes. People following a Mediterranean diet also have the choice of several suitable meals with this service.

Balance is available for purchase online.

My Metabolic Meals

These pre-packaged meals help regulate blood sugar and weight loss. People can decide between the Chef’s Choice Plan or My Choice Plan to create a custom meal delivery experience. Meals contain between 360–575 calories per portion.

My Metabolic Meals is available for purchase online.

Some people may not prefer the experience of a meal delivery service, or they might not have the budget to afford one.

People searching for alternatives to low sodium meal delivery services can try:

  • Batch-cooking: People can save time by preparing several meals on the weekend and portioning them out in food-safe containers. They can also refrigerate or freeze these meals.
  • Pre-preparing ingredients: For some people, cooking after a long day can be therapeutic. However, preparing ingredients can be time-consuming. People can perform the bulk of the preparation at the weekend, put everything into containers, and focus on cooking only during the week.
  • Freezing vegetables: People who regularly cook or eat vegetables may require several trips to the grocery store across the week. However, there are frozen options available to buy, such as chopped onions and even spinach.

Eating a low sodium diet offers health benefits, such as reducing high blood pressure and the risk of stroke. Meal delivery services are convenient for people who wish to eat more healthfully and do not have time for grocery shopping or preparing meals from scratch.

Not all meal delivery services are suitable for everyone. However, there are many options to suit a range of dietary requirements.

A person could also batch-cook and freeze their meals to help save money and time.