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Several meal delivery brands have low sodium options, including Veestro, Magic Kitchen, and Fresh n’ Lean. Opting for delivery may help people with low sodium diets enjoy healthy meals at home.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

For vegetarians and vegans: Veestro

Veestro - best low sodium meal delivery
  • Price per meal: from around $15
  • Shipping: $8–$13

People who follow a vegan diet or wish to eat more plant-based meals can also benefit from low sodium meal deliveries.

Learn more about vegan diets.

This meal delivery service includes plant-based options that arrive fully cooked, which cuts down on cooking times.

The meals contain organic ingredients, with three plans: à la carte, chef’s choice, or weight loss.

Meals start at around $15, and the company ships throughout the 48 contiguous states. Shipping costs range from about $8–13. People can skip or pause deliveries at any time, as long as they do so before the company processes their next payment.

Some sample items with nutrition facts from Veestro’s menu include:

Banana Bread Protein Oatmeal Fajita Power BowlBuffalo Cauliflower
Sodium270 mg410 mg400 mg
Protein17 g17 g3 g
Carbs64 g68 g8 g


  • offers meals for vegetarians and vegans
  • uses fresh, organic ingredients
  • contains no genetically modified ingredients


  • more expensive than other options
  • limited selection of genuinely low sodium meals
  • does not offer many breakfast choices
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Best for older adults: Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen against a green background.
  • Price per meal: $10.50–$60
  • Shipping: from $18.95

Some older adults may not like cooking or may not have the time. Several meal delivery options may suit those following a low sodium diet.

With Magic Kitchen, people can choose from various meal plans with fully cooked meals. They can build their plan from à la carte options or set menus.

Magic Kitchen offers hospital discharge meals, long-term care meals, and other specialty meal delivery options.

Some sample items with nutrition facts from Magic Kitchen’s low sodium menu include:

Chicken Patty with Rosemary Gravy with Lime Beans and Spring VegetablesBeef Meatballs & Alfredo Shell Pasta, with Corn with Peppers & Green BeansBroccoli Cheddar Soup
Sodium560 mg340 mg390 mg
Protein27 g24 g10 g
Carbs28 g30 g13 g


  • offers both à la carte and set menu options
  • offers meals designed for older adults
  • provides a wide range of dish options


  • charges more for shipping and meals than some services
  • packaging is not environmentally friendly
  • changing subscription requires an email or phone call
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For a gluten-free option: Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n' Lean against a green background.
  • Price per meal: from $7.93
  • Shipping: free

These meal delivery services have a range of choices for people following a gluten-free diet.

Fresh n’ Lean meals are ready to eat and only require heating up. The company says that most meals are lower in sodium than the average meal and other meal prep companies, while most options are gluten-free, with two vegan plans also available.

Fresh n’ Lean meals start at $7.93, and shipping is free. Subscription and à la carte options are available, with subscription plans billed weekly. If a person wishes to skip a week, they must cancel or pause their plan before the Saturday of the next delivery. The company ships throughout the United States.

Some sample menu items with nutrition facts from Fresh n’ Lean include:

Aloo Gobi Potato and Cauliflower CurryTeriyaki Beef and Vegetable Rice Stir FryMediterranean White Beans with Vegetables
Sodium250mg600 mg190 mg
Protein11 g28 g15 g
Carbs61 g61 g53 g


  • meals can be refrigerated for up to 10 days and frozen for up to 6 weeks
  • can accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements
  • offers an a la carte option


  • free delivery is only available on Fridays
  • refunds are not guaranteed
  • does not offer as wide a range of meals as some others
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Best for weight loss: Balance by BistroMD

Balance by BistroMD
  • Price per meal: from $5.99
  • Shipping: $19.95 anywhere in the continental United States

People seeking weight-loss meal deliveries should look for nutritionally balanced, filling, and low calorie meals.

This is a subscription-free service, so people do not need to commit to Balance plans. The meals are ready to eat and only need heating up. Balance also sells a range of snacks for eating between meals.

In addition to low sodium meals, Balance also offers options for people with celiac disease and diabetes. People following a Mediterranean diet also have the choice of several suitable meals with this service.

Some sample meals and nutrition facts from Balance’s low sodium menu include:

Barramundi Seabass with Sweet Coconut Pineapple SauceChicken Bacon Mac and CheeseChicken, Rice, and Cheddar Casserole
Sodium280 mg330 mg370 mg
Protein35 g28 g31 g
Carbs26 g26 g21 g


  • does not require a subscription
  • uses all-natural ingredients
  • meals only require heating so this service could be a good choice for people with less time


  • does not have any vegan options
  • many “vegetarian” meals contain fish
  • does not offer a subscription option
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Best for those with specific healthcare plans: Mom’s Meals

Moms Meals
  • Price per meal: around $7.99
  • Shipping: $14.95

People with plans such as Medicaid and Medicare may be eligible for meal kit delivery services for free or at a low cost.

Mom’s Meals offers free meals via certain Medicaid and Older American Act programs. The company may also provide low cost meals to people with Medicare Advantage plans.

People should check eligibility with the plan provider or a caseworker, as this varies by state and program.

Mom’s Meals also has a self-pay option. In this case, the company says, most meals cost $7.99. Meals from the renal-friendly, pureed, and gluten-free menus cost $8.99 each. Shipping costs $14.95.

The company says that it delivers nationwide.

Mom’s Meals has several plans, including a low sodium option. Each meal on this plan has a maximum of 600 mg of sodium and, at most, 10% saturated fat. Some sample meals on the low sodium menu include:

Beef Goulash, Whole Wheat Pasta, and Seasoned CarrotsCurry Vegetables with Pineapple and Brown RiceCreamy Turkey and Rice Soup and Brown Sugar Peaches
Sodium500 mg340 mg410 mg
Protein18 g10 g12 g
Carbs65 g103 g64 g


  • provides low cost or free meal and meal kit delivery to people with certain healthcare programs
  • includes low sodium, gluten-free, and renal-friendly options
  • great flexibility


  • limited vegan, keto, or paleo options
  • online reviews cite problems with delivery and customer service
  • does not provide much background information on the ingredients
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Best for plant-based meals: Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon
  • Price per meal: $9–$12 for subscribers
  • Shipping: free for subscribers ordering 10 items or more, and those ordering 14 or 21 meals per week

Splendid Spoon is a 100% plant-based food delivery service providing ready-made meals. Its products use whole ingredients and emphasize organic produce. The meals do not contain any gluten, artificial sugars, or genetically modified organism (GMO) products. A person can subscribe, which the company states saves money, or opt for commitment-free purchases.

This service could be suitable for people who want a healthy diet but do not have the time to shop for and cook clean, plant-based meals.

Subscribers can choose 7, 14, or 21 meals per week. All subscription plans include an assortment of smoothies, bowls, noodles, and dishes. Persons can then select from these categories and highlight their dietary needs, including soy-, cilantro-, and caffeine-free options.

There is no specific “low sodium” option on the subscription form, but a person can filter low sodium menu items on the marketplace pages.

The price per meal ranges from around $9–$12 for subscribers. Shipping is free for subscribers ordering ten items or more and those ordering 14 or 21 meals per week. It is $12.99 per order for subscribers who get seven items weekly. Nonsubscribers can get free shipping on orders over $150.

The company states that its goal is to make healthy eating easy and flavorful. Additionally, product packaging is 100% recyclable.

Some sample meals include:

Butternut Turmeric SoupMeatball Marinara NoodlesVegan Shepherd’s Pie
Sodium280 mg540 mg420 mg
Protein2 g19 g12 g
Carbs14 g53 g46 g


  • meals contain fresh, natural ingredients
  • meals have a good balance of nutrients and macros
  • convenient


  • smoothies contain added protein which gives them a gritty texture
  • price is high compared to other services
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The below table compares the meal delivery services reviewed in this article.

Prep or heat meals?Meal costShipping cost
Veestroheat mealsfrom $15$8–$13
Magic Kitchenheat mealsfrom $10.50$18.95
Fresh n’ Leanheat mealsfrom $7.93free in continental United States
Balance by BistroMDheat mealsfrom $5.99 per meal$19.95
Mom’s Mealsboth options are availablefree, or from $7.99 per meal$14.95
Splendid Spoonheat mealsfrom $11.09–$13.59free

Medical News Today chooses low sodium meal delivery services that meet the following criteria:

  • Nutritional value: MNT chooses meal delivery services that meet the average person’s nutritional needs and promote healthy eating habits.
  • Ingredient quality: MNT chooses meal delivery services that use fresh, high quality ingredients. Some also use organic produce or sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Variety: MNT chooses meal delivery services that feature a range of flavors and ingredients to suit different taste preferences and diets.
  • Price: MNT chooses meal delivery services with different price points to suit a range of budgets.
  • Availability: MNT chooses meal delivery services available throughout most of the United States.
  • Sustainability: MNT chooses meal delivery services that reduce their environmental impact by employing recyclable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, local ingredients, and other sustainable practices.
  • Reputable: MNT only chooses brands that adhere to industry best practices and have passed our medical vetting process.

Medical News Today follows a strict product selection and vetting process. Learn more here.

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Nearly all foods contain some amount of sodium. However, whole foods have lower levels of sodium than processed foods. As a result, many low sodium meal delivery options are plant-based or contain a high proportion of vegetables and whole grains.

Like other meal delivery services, low sodium options include meal kits of prepared ingredients or ready meals that need heating up.

If a person consumes a lot of sodium in their diet, it can lead to high blood pressure and other health complications. Following a low sodium diet may help reduce blood pressure while providing other health benefits.

As general guidance, adults should consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium daily. This is equivalent to 1 teaspoon.

Black people, those age 50 years and above, and individuals with hypertension should not consume more than 1,500 mg of sodium daily to prevent health complications.

Having high sodium levels in the body can trigger or exacerbate certain conditions, including:

Following a low sodium diet may help reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown that when people reduce their salt intake, they experience a reduction in blood pressure.

Low sodium diets may also reduce the risk of stroke. Researchers also found a significant linear relationship between dietary sodium intake and the risk of cardiovascular disease

Some people may not prefer the experience of a meal delivery service, or they might not have the budget to afford one.

People searching for alternatives to low sodium meal delivery services can try:

  • Batch-cooking: People can save time by preparing several meals on the weekend and portioning them out in food-safe containers. They can also refrigerate or freeze these meals.
  • Preparing ingredients in advance: For some people, cooking after a long day can be therapeutic. However, preparing ingredients can be time-consuming. People can perform the bulk of the preparation at the weekend, put everything into containers, and focus on cooking only during the week.
  • Freezing vegetables: People who regularly cook or eat vegetables may require several weekly trips to the grocery store. However, frozen options, such as chopped onions and even spinach, are available.

Below are some common questions about low sodium meals and meal delivery services.

Does HelloFresh have low sodium meals?

HelloFresh does not have a designated low sodium meal plan or filter. However, it does have low sodium meals, such as the Vermicelli Noodle Bowl with Crispy Tofu and Serrano-Ginger Vinaigrette. According to Nutrition Values on the Hello Fresh website, this dish contains no sodium. To access low sodium meals on HelloFresh, one can review recipes on the site and check their sodium content.

What meals are low in sodium?

Whole foods tend to have lower levels of sodium than processed food. To find low sodium meals, look for plant-based meals or meals with a high percentage of vegetables and whole grains.

Are Mom’s Meals low sodium?

Mom’s Meals has a low sodium food menu. The meals on this menu follow American Heart Association nutrition guidelines, containing 600 mg or less sodium and 10% or less saturated fat.

How much sodium is in HelloFresh meals?

Although HelloFresh does not have a designated low sodium menu plan, a person using the service can help manage how much sodium they ingest by limiting how much salt they add when preparing their food.

Eating a low sodium diet offers many health benefits, such as reducing high blood pressure and the risk of stroke. Meal delivery services are convenient for people who wish to eat healthier but who do not have time for grocery shopping or preparing meals from scratch.

Not all meal delivery services are suitable for everyone. However, there are many options to suit a range of dietary requirements.

A person could also try batch-cooking and freezing their meals to help save some money and time.